Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Well my time has come to leave Kanab! i have loved serving here for the past six months. I have seen miracles time and time again! The people here are amazing and I am sad to leave them. I am being transferred to the St. George North area...which actually isn’t in St. George at all. It covers Dammeron Valley, Pine Valley and Veyo! So that will be interesting. I'm also assigned as a STL (sister trainer leader). So I will travel a lot again and be going on exchanges with other sisters in the mission so that will be fun :)

Well we had some really great lessons this week. We drove up to Alton to teach Mike another recent convert lesson. He is doing great and his testimony is so strong.  We are also teaching this less active family with 2 kids that haven't been baptized and they are doing awesome. Anne, another investigator is also doing great. She LOVED conference! She has a great understanding of the gospel and really recognizes the feelings of the spirit in her life. She is worried about being baptized because she doesn't like to be in front of people, she gets nervous.  But she will get baptized eventually!! I just know it :)

We also had the opportunity to volunteer/work at “Best Friends”. If you don’t know what that is..Google it. Ha-ha its a huge "animal sanctuary" and they have tons of animals. People come here from all over.  A bunch of people who are not members of our church work there so we went and volunteered. We helped clean some cat rooms. And we even took cats out for a walk in a stroller. No joke...they have a stroller that they zip the cats in!!! Ha-ha it was fun and funny!  And we made some great friendships with some great people. . It was fun!

Well I have felt a lot of doubt about myself and my own abilities throughout my mission but I loved what President Monson said in his conference talk! He said "Remember that faith and doubt CANNOT exist in the same mind at the same time for one will dispel the other" And that is so true!! We let our faith in Jesus Christ dispel our doubt. And I have seen that first hand!
The gospel is true and I love my Job!
Sister Titensor

-Our district
-painting nails at the nursing home
-volunteering at Best Friends! Animal shelter

-walking the cats haha

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