Monday, November 16, 2015



Well it has been another great week...despite the fact that it’s getting really, really cold and snowing a lot....

 Happily, we had many opportunities to do service and a lot of teaching!

We had the opportunity to serve at the animal shelter and at this awesome food shelter. Another church organizes food to give to those in need. And it’s really cool because they let the missionaries come and help! We also were able to help an older lady groom her horse and scoop the poop! Yup!

This week was great because we met new people to teach. We have found both new investigators and people who have not attended church in a while to teach. We started teaching an older man who is less active and he is so ready and wanting to come back to church! The entire lesson the spirit was so strong and he was crying and emotional the whole time. 

The German couple  we are teaching is doing really good. We had a great lesson about baptism. They are not quite ready, because they want to learn more English first. They are really awesome people!  We are also teaching this woman named Debbie. She has started reading the Book of Mormon and her countenance has completely changed!   it’s amazing to see!  We taught her Word of Wisdom and it was a powerful lesson and she committed to it!  

Sunday night was a crazy night! Lots of miracles happened....We found two new investigators and the husband is a Dallas Cowboy fan!! So that led him to letting us in!! Score! That night we had some very spiritual lessons. We could really see the Lords hand in this work. The people we saw and the messages that were shared were just what these people needed at this specific time!

It’s amazing to see the Lord's hand in people's lives every day and to be able to see the change in people!  Like president Benson said "I have tasted the joy of missionary work. There is no work in all the world that can bring an individual greater JOY and HAPPINESS"  How true that is!

I love my job!
Sister Titensor

DAVID ARCHULETTA AND SNOW!!!                     11/9/15


                             DAVID ARCHULETTA  SURPRISE VISIT!!!

This was a great week! We taught a lot of lessons despite the fact of how many meetings we had. We had Mission Leadership Council on Tuesday and Zone meeting on Friday. We also went on more exchanges this week. Plus on Wednesday we were asked to teach training workshop to all the senior missionaries at the Pine Valley Chapel. We gave training to all the senior couples on how to work with ward members. It was fun because we did a roll play with President and Sister Center and it was quite funny!  But it was really good to be around all the older missionary couples.  Oh, and the Pine Valley chapel is so beautiful! (it is an old historic building, I believe it’s the oldest church building in use today) Oh, and did I mention that it snowed that day? BEAUTIFUL!

Then Zone meeting on Friday was really cool! Our mission president told all the missionaries serving in St. George to meet at the chapel and be there early. He said he wanted to take an hour of our zone meeting (which is really weird for him to do). So we were there and no one knew what was going on. We were just waiting patiently. Then I hear everyone start to whisper. I turn around and David Archuletta walks into the room!   He came and spoke so some of us missionaries.  It was a really spiritual meeting. He sang some songs just for us and he talked about his mission and about his grandmother's conversion story. It was such a powerful meeting. Oh and funny but sad story...David ended up going to the Pine Valley chapel for church on Sunday.... and we were going to go to that ward on Sunday but we decided not to at the last minute! Dang!!!....
 We had an amazing and busy week. We are teaching this German couple..They moved from Cologne, Germany about 6 months ago.  It is really interesting to teach them because they are still working on their English.  We luckily have some members that go with us to help translate some things that they may not understand.  But, they are the most prepared people I have ever met!  They are so ready for the gospel. They strongly agree with everything we teach...even the Word of Wisdom! We taught them the word of wisdom and they completely agreed. That only problem was that the wife drank coffee but she gave it up the next day!  They are so amazing and the spirit is so strong when we go into their home.

I have really noticed how prepared some people are to receive the restored gospel. The Lord is preparing his children as we speak. We have been trying to find new people to teach but are falling short. We have me a lot of people recently who are not interested...YET!  But we can continue to plant seeds and it is all in the Lord's timing!

Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes! I really appreciated it and it made for a great day!

I love my job!
Sister Titensor

                                                                P-DAY HIKE..



                                                      PINE VALLEY HISTORIC CHAPEL

Monday, November 2, 2015


Hi all,
It has been one crazy week here in Utah...and it has been a fun one for sure!
We had an amazing zone conference this week…It was centered on the Book of Mormon. It was such a spiritually uplifting meeting!  There is so much power in the Book of Mormon! It has changed my life and I have watched it change the life of others!
It truly is the word of God.

This week we had the opportunity to do more exchanges with other Sister Missionaries, which is always fun! I was with Sister McNaughton and she is from the Dallas area so it was fun to be with a fellow Texan for a day!

Friday was a special day...not because it was my birthday..but because we were able to take some of the people we are teaching to the St George temple visitors center. The visitor’s center is an awesome place and the spirit felt there is so strong!  Our investigators loved it. We also were able to take them to the Tabernacle and gave them a tour of that...there is a great spirit there as well.

Later we had the opportunity to work at the homeless shelter for the afternoon. Then we ended the day by teaching probably the most spiritual lesson I have ever had. It was a couple who are interested in learning about our church. We had dinner with them at the Bishop's home. The spirit was very strong and they agreed to be baptized! It was a miracle! I felt so much love for these people that I have only known for 3 weeks.
 It’s amazing to me because it gave me a small glimpse of how much God loves his children!

Halloween was another great day because one of our investigators, Peter, was baptized!  It was awesome!. Most of his family is not members of our church, but they came and supported him. Peter's girlfriend is a member and she is a great example to him. 

Halloween night we spent at ward parties and meeting tons of people!  It was a fun evening!  Oh and our Senior Missionary Couple took me out to lunch for my birthday. They took us to Texas Roadhouse. And on the back of one of the employee's shirt it said "I LOVE MY JOB" Ah I almost died laughing! I had to take a picture because I truly do love my job. It’s not always the easiest job but it is definitely worth it!
The gospel is changing lives here!

Sister Titensor