Monday, April 27, 2015

TRANSFER’S – GOIN’ TO KANAB            April 27th 2015


Well that’s it! I have been transferred! Tomorrow I will be picked up and driven down south almost to the border of Arizona and Utah to Kanab. There I will get to train my new companion Sister Glass. I only just now finished my own training… so now I get to turn around and train someone else! I’m super nervous but it will be an adventure for sure. 

Well this week they launched a fancy new app for missionaries. So we have been trying to get used to that. We have to spend time and fill out all this information. It’s been a lot of busy work, but in the long run this app will be super helpful!!  It is just taking a lot of work to get things going. 

Miracles happened this week. We found some great new investigators and we also have some of our older investigators a date for baptism. It been amazing here!  I’m so sad to leave!  But, I know Richfield will be left in good hands. Missionary work is important no matter where you may be! 

Right now for my studies I am reading the New Testament and The Doctrine and Covenants.  It amazing how reading them together makes so much sense!  They complete each other.  Every day I will read something from the New Testament and then it correlates with what I read from the Doctrine and covenants and it’s amazing how they line up- without me even trying.  The gospel of Jesus Christ is so true!

It has been busy work here in Richfield and miracles happen when you do what the Lord asks.

I  got this cool quote the other day...

"If you don’t manage your time someone else will manage it for you"
I love that! It’s so true and that’s why we need to put the Lord first!

And this…

“Life is supposed to be hard or else how would we ever grow?”

D&C 28:16 "And thou must open thy mouth at all times, declaring my gospel with the sound of rejoicing. Amen."


Love yall   (sorry so short, don’t have much time to write today)

Sister Titensor

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

DERRICK’S BAPTISM                                                                                                              4/22/2015

 Today we were able to go to the temple which was amazing of course. The Manti temple is way unique and beautiful!! It was a great day!

 This past week we had the opportunity to do something really amazing for service. We went to Cove Fort which is about a half hour away. Cove Fort is a Church Historic Site run by senior missionaries.  We got to  actually go into the exhibits and clean. I was a really cool experience because there is so much history there. And now I know what the phrase "sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite" comes from!

Then we had a crazy busy week. We are back in a trio with sister Evans.  It's super hard because Sister Evans has her own area as technically there are only 3 of us over two stakes. Super stressful not going to lie but we are having a blast! I cannot say enough how much work there is to do here!  But it's been really good. Transfer calls are on Saturday so I may be transferred next week...not sure yet!  I really want to stay because I love the people here!

Yesterday was Derrick’s baptism!! Ahhhh it was the best!! We only met him about 5 weeks ago.  He was  living at the motel. It was the coolest baptism I have ever been to. Sister Lipke sang a song in German, and I was asked  to speak.  Even though the actual baptism is super short, I was crying when I saw him enter in the water. He is getting the best fresh start ever!!  Ah I couldn't stop smiling! I am so happy for him.  This gospel is so true.    
 After he was baptized, he asked if he could share his own testimony which rarely happens at someone's own baptism. But he did and it was amazing. People like Derrick are the reason why I am here. Things like this are what bring me joy!  I know there are more people like him out there searching for happiness… we just have to find them! 

Sorry so short I don’t have much time, just trying to get off a quick note.
Thanks for all the support. Love yall

Sister Titensor

Monday, April 13, 2015

SO  MUCH  DRIVING !!!     Price to Manti!                       APRIL 13, 2015

Well this was a crazy week for sure! We started off by driving several hours to Price.  We were there for two days on exchanges. It was fun to see a new area and be with different companions for a bit. Except for the day when we had to walk all day and it was SNOWING and really really WINDY. That part wasn’t so fun... J  But, I was able to work with Sister Eyers one day and Sister Kennedy the other. It was so fun!  

Then we drove the long drive back to Richfield. The next morning we woke up early and drove to Manti for zone conference. It was awesome. Really good stuff!! So uplifting!  I love Zone Conferences!  We didn’t get back to Richfield until late in the afternoon.

We have been out of our area for most of the week so we had a crazy busy night. The next few days consisted of the business of trying to make up for lost time. But MIRACLES HAPPENED!!!  The Lord knew how busy and stressed and tired we were. So I know that, when we are obedient and do what we were supposed to, miracles happened! We have so many investigators its crazy!  I can’t even keep track of them all ha-ha.

The single best part of the week was when 10 of our investigators came to church!!! ah! it was amazing!! We were sitting there in one ward with 5 of our investigators and they had tattoos and it reeked of smoke and it was the best feeling in the world because THEY WERE THERE! At church! Feeling the spirit!!!! I couldn't stop smiling!!

One of our investigators named Derek is amazing. He is actually from Ft. Worth!!  He has had a hard life and a crazy past.  He has one of the strongest testimonies. His heart was so prepared to hear the gospel. During church we were singing "How Great Thou Art" and he just started balling. This 30 yr old man covered with tattoos was balling. He has even stopped smoking! He has also talked to some of our other investigators and he is inspiring them too. His baptism is coming up and he just can’t contain his excitement.

Its people like Derek that remind me why I’m here! This gospel is amazing! I have grown to love the people of Richfield. The members are amazing and the nonmembers are so prepared. It is hard work but so worth it. Miracles happen all the time. I wish I had time write them all!  It’s amazing to see how this gospel changes lives...even mine!  
Looking forward to good things to come! I LOVE MY JOB!

Love yall!
Sister Titensor

Monday, April 6, 2015

Conference/Easter!!                              April 6th
This week was just plain crazy!!!  We did exchanges with some sisters this week so half of the week I was with different companions. That was interesting for sure! Then Sister Lipke and I had to go to St. George and spend the night there. It was a lot of driving; But St. George is the best!  Its soooo big compared to little Richfield! 

 We had a mission leadership council at President Center's home.  For me, only being in my 2nd transfer, I sure learned a lot!  After the meeting we had to stop by the visitor’s center next to the St. George temple. We got out of the car right at the same time as this other man did. He comes up to us (there were 4 of us sisters). He was kinda drunk but he starts talking and we find out he is a member of our church. He wanted to look at the temple. He had so much regret in his life and he wants to go back to the temple one day. We showed him the video of Christ and it was really powerful. Us 4 Sister stood there on the street and bore testimony of Christ and the atonement. It was really cool. I know he felt the spirit. But it’s up to him if he will make changes in his life.

On Friday we had a meeting in Manti!  It was really good.  Sister Lipke and I taught a training there as well. Then we drove to the Manti temple and took some pictures!  Got to see two temples this week!  Conference on Saturday was so uplifting and it was the best way to end a busy week.   

Despite being so busy this week, we also had so many miracles. I know the Lord is looking out for us. A few weeks ago we met this man at Little Cesar Pizza. We talked to him for a second and then he randomly told us about his sick two month old baby who just come home from the hospital.  It was so out of the blue but he told us about it. Then we had to go and we sadly didn’t get any information from him. We knew he needed the gospel in his life though!!   About 2 weeks later, we were walking to our car and he sees us!!!  We found him!!!  (or he found us!)  AHH!! he told us to come meet his miracle baby..Then BAM. We taught him right then about Jesus Christ and he wants to know more!  It was amazing.  Heavenly Father was looking out for him!!!

Sunday was a great day!  General Conference was amazing and everyone was home for us to visit. Sunday night we got to take part in an Easter Convienio. Many of the different churches of Richfield came together for an Easter program.  Sister Lipke and I did some reading from the program and there was a bunch of musical numbers. It was all about Christ and it was really cool to see the community come together. I got to sit on stage next to the Pastor of the COWBOY CHURCH!!  how cool is that?!  It was a great way to spend Easter Sunday. 

Miracles are happening here!! This next week will be even more busy!  Sister Lipke and I will be in Price for a few days.  And then get to go to Manti again.  But we know that we are not alone in our efforts!!   have a lot to do this week.  We will not be in Richfield very much this week. But I have faith that we can do it with the Lords help!! The mission is the best. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!! I LOVE MY JOB!!   

Sister Titensor


This week was aweosme!!   Sam got baptized!! She is in her 70s - she is the best. The baptism went really well... She is a stubborn but sweet lady and I am so happy for the decision she made! 

This week was full of many new people and some of the same!  We found a golden new investigator this week!!  We randomly met him on the street and he really wants to know more and he has read the Book of Mormon!!!  He was awesome...until he was thrown in jail... it was really a bummer.  But… the world is full of imperfect people!    

There is this new investigator that we also met this week..He is 14 and has been through a lot in his life. He hangs out with this rough group of kids as well.  We ended up teaching him and his friends. And then 2 of them came to church!!!   I was shocked!!  But I guess that just goes to show that you can’t judge people!  You never know who is ready to hear the gospel and who wants something different in their life. It’s the people who have hard lives that are prepared to hear the gospel. Probably because they are humble, and searching for something.

We went to visit one of our investigators and he was drunk. We were so mad at him!!  ha-ha  I wanted to take his drink from him and throw it outside!!  But we didn’t, we stood there at his door and talked to him and just bore testimony of the Savior.   The amazing thing is that the next day, he came to our meeting prepared and ready to change. He also finally started reading the book of Mormon and he  even came to church!  Its amazing how powerful sharing your  testimony can be.

Has anyone seen the new Easter video??  It’s the best! We show it to everyone on our fancy iPads!     

Well this week we have a lot of driving to do!  We have to be in St. George on Wednesday for a mission leader conference cause Sister Lipke is the Sister trainer leader.  And i get to go with her!!  I’m excited! She is awesome...because she is the Sister Trainer Leader AND my trainer!  I don’t know how she does it!  It’s amazing and we have so much fun together!  Today for P-day our district is going bowling! The mission is hard but it’s so much fun.  Weird things happen all the time but it makes for some great stories. I know that this gospel is changing lives..I can see it!  It makes me so happy to share what i know. I LOVE MY JOB!


Sister T