Monday, March 23, 2015


 Last week I was to spend the day in Cedar City for transfers... Cedar City is huge compared to Richfield! It was so weird being in a populated area!!!! Ha-ha

What a great week it has been in Richfield!!! I got my new companion and she is from Armsberg Germany which is close to Dortmond!  She speaks really good English... she barely even has an accent ha-ha.   She has been serving in the Visitors Center at the St George Temple for a year -so this is her first time being a full- time teaching missionary!  She is awesome...and she is also a vegetarian ha-ha.  But I make sure to let our dinner’s appointments know that I am NOT a vegetarian. I’m a Texan who hates beans and she is a German who hates meat ha!  The funny part is that we had chili for dinner two days in a row!!!!  

Oh and this week Sister Lipke and I have been in a trio( three of us)  with Sister Evans!  Sister Evans companion is not here yet so she has been with us all’s been way fun!  Crowded but fun. It’s been hard for her because she hasn’t been in her own area yet...but she’s awesome and doing the best she can.  Her companion comes tomorrow.
I’m reading the Book of Mormon I’m in 3 Nephi 13, my goal is to finish by general conference/Easter weekend and I’m going to make it!  Its amazing reading the Book of Mormon while on a mission...because there is so much missionary work in it!!!  It’s the best!!
Oh and the BEST part of the week was on Sunday because so many investigators actually came to church!!!  ahhh it’s the best feeling in the world to see people we are teaching come to church!!!

 there are people who are ready so change their lives and they know they can have that happiness through the gospel. There is this man that we are teaching who  read the bible hundreds of times (while in jail) ha  but he knows so much and he is so excited to learn more! 
 The work has been amazing here! We are teaching some really great people. Our baptism from last week got moved to this week...but I’m looking forward to it.  The hardest part now of getting people to commit to be baptized is their smoking habits.  Ugh!  so many people smoke!!!! I don’t understand!  We have a stop smoking program to help them quit… and if people are works!!  

Sharing the Plan of Salvation with investigators is my favorite, Because seeing their face and their reaction is the best!  As they realize It all makes sense to them and it answers so many of their questions.

This gospel is changing lives in Richfield!!!  I LOVE MY JOB!

Love yall!
Sister Titensor


Monday, March 16, 2015

 NEW iPads, Manti Temple Trip and a New Companion from Germany Tomorrow!

Well, we finally got our new iPads this week!  It comes with a lot of
restrictions but it also has so many tools that we as missionaries can use!
So many videos to share! It's awesome!

This week has been crazy busy and awesome!
We found some really great new investigators...well actually they kinda found us! Ha but
they are awesome! I wish I could tell you every detail  of how they found us, but that would
take way too long!  Just know that these people are prepared to hear
the gospel and I feel so much love for them.

We have one lady who is older and has been taking lessons FOREVER but
she would never get baptized... But on Saturday we were visiting her
and she finally decided to get baptized...THIS SATURDAY. So we have a
lot to do before her baptism this week but I'm so excited! It's a

And earlier last week, a few couples from the stake I am serving over went on a
trip to New Zealand . One of them was one of our ward mission leaders
and his wife. Well they got in a bad car wreck and 3 of the members
from Richfield Stake died. Our ward mission leader is the only one that
survived and he was the driver. It was so tragic and sad.  But it's amazing to
see the type of community that Richfield has. Every person we
meet...member or concerned and praying for the families. It's
so sad but it's bringing this community together. It's amazing to see
the love they have for each other even people who don’t know them.

On Saturday we got to take some recent converts to the temple for the
first time to do baptisms. We drove to Manti and it was awesome!! So
happy that they had a great experience . Royal who is 76 couldn't do the
actual baptisms so a younger boy did it for him. This boy was baptized
for 31 of Royal’s family names!!  Haha but he did great. Royals face when he heard his
family names was priceless. It was the best! And he just stood looking
at the temple forever because of its beauty. It was a great day!

Well transfers are this week and I'm staying in Richfield!   Sister
Pearson is going home today :(   I'm really going to miss her.  I'm going
to Cedar city for the night and I will meet my new companion tomorrow!
Her name is Sister Lipke and she's from Germany!!  Haha I'm excited to
meet her and I'll get to show her what Richfield is all about!! 

We have some amazing investigators and they are excited to know more.
I love sharing this gospel especially seeing people's faces when all of
their questions are answered through this gospel. It's the best!   
It doesn't happen all the time but when people are truly changed through
Christ it's the most amazing thing in the world!   I LOVE MY JOB!
Love y'all!

Sister Titensor

Sunday, March 15, 2015

MISSION CONFERENCE IN BEAVER UTAH….                                      MARCH 9TH , 2015

We had our Mission Conference in Beaver on Wednesday. We talked all about our mission receiving iPads and the safeguards of it. They even have handbooks and an online course we have to take for it. We did not get our iPads yet...we get them hopefully this week on Friday!!  The tools on the iPads will be amazing and so helpful!!! And in a few months we will get to be on Facebook so that will be interesting!    Elder Evans and Elder Switzer of the seventy came and spoke to us. It was way good! Their talks were amazing. 

 On Thursday, we planned a missionary fireside to invite our investigators and less actives too! It turned out awesome!!!  There is this Choir called One Voice...and it’s a group of high school age kids that go around the country and sing! They sang a bunch of songs...Look up the song Gethsemane...its beautiful!!!  We also had a couple of recent converts speak and share their testimonies. It turned out really well!

This coming Saturday, we are taking a group of recent converts to the temple for the first time to do baptisms!!  We are going to the Manti Temple.  We are taking this 76 yr old man who just got baptized!!!  His name is Royal and he is seriously changed so much. He is amazing and he loves learning more about the gospel! We have been helping him find family names to take to the temple on He loves it!   Oh, and I even found a couple of names to take to the temple as well from my family tree! so I’m excited for that, It was so random how I found them! Ha

Well we found some new people this week! It’s interesting how the Lord works...He sends us to people at the exact moment that they need us!!! We tried to find this one teenage boy for two weeks!!! But we could never find him...until Friday we finally found him!! And the weird thing was that he was expecting us. Because… little did we know that his friend had talked to him that exact day about the church and told this boy that he would send the missionaries. But we didn’t know about that until after we met him. It was perfect! He is so excited to learn!

We also had an interesting lesson with a Muslim man...I’m pretty sure he was just trying to convert us to Muslim because we could barely get a word in! He wanted to read to us from the to the Quran and it was interesting. I learned a lot about the Muslim culture  so that was a plus!  

This week was full of ups and downs, Not one investigator came to church and thats super tough. But I have faith that this week will be amazing! This is Sister Pearsons last week and then she goes home!!! I’m so sad!!! I will know if I’m getting transferred on Friday. But no worries, I have learned that the Lord has a time and a place for everything!!!
Sharing this gospel makes me so happy!!!

Love YALL!!!!

Sister Titensor

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

MORE SNOW….                                                                     March 2nd 2015
 This Wednesday we have a mission conference in Beaver! So our whole mission will come together and we will get our I Pads...I’m assuming that we will have training on them as well. WOOHOO!  I Pads will be so helpful!!

Well, last week on P-day our district went sledding. We drove to this hill that was pretty steep and looked awesome!!  So we climbed up, it was tough because there was a layer of ice underneath the snow. But we just kept going up...ha!  So eventually we all went down. Let’s just say that is was not the smartest idea. The hill had ice and tons of rocks under the snow. So… half way down I flew off my sled. Yeah, let’s just say we all  got hurt. I hurt my knee pretty bad (aka the picture)  it was really swollen but it’s doing okay now! But pretty much everyone was bleeding and bruised so let’s just say it wasn’t the best idea! So moral of the story...don’t be stupid!!!

Well sad story...but we are teaching this family. And they are awesome! But the dad has never been home when we taught.  This week he was there, but he sat in the other room. The lesson went amazing and the spirit was so strong!!  They even wanted to be baptized!!!  The kids looked so excited! Then all the sudden...the dad says in the background, "I don’t think anymore of this teaching is necessary" and he doesn’t want us to continue teaching his family.  When he said that, his whole family’s faces just changed. They all looked so disappointed!! And it was the worst feeling in the world because I know they felt the spirit and were excited to be baptized.  NOOOO!!  It was so hard. But we are still allowed to visit them and we will pray that their Fathers heart will be softened.  They are an awesome family and I know the Lord does not want us to give up on them!

Then another day we had a cool experience!  We met this lady and she immediately let us in. She is in Richfield because her kids live here but she doesn’t have custody of them.   They are 12, 9 and 8 years old.  She gets to see them once a day. She has been through a lot in her life. But she loves her children and wants to change. She said her children are about to get baptized and she wants to know what this church is about! She was way happy to see us and she was way open!  And …the crazy part is that we are already teaching her children!!!   We had no idea until we saw their pictures on the wall.  She is awesome and I know there are great things in store for this family. 

Well it’s snowing a lot!  This morning we shoveled an older man’s drive way and he was way grateful.  It’s the first time I have ever had to shovel snow!  Oh and I was able to travel to Manti for a day for exchanges so that was fun!   I have met so many people who have gone through so much but I have seen the gospel change lives!  We taught a Young women’s lesson on the atonement... the atonement of Jesus Christ is the most amazing gift we have yet so many people don’t know how it can help them!!   That is why we have to share it this beautiful message!!
I Love this Gospel… there is a lot of work to do!

Sister Titensor