Monday, March 23, 2015


 Last week I was to spend the day in Cedar City for transfers... Cedar City is huge compared to Richfield! It was so weird being in a populated area!!!! Ha-ha

What a great week it has been in Richfield!!! I got my new companion and she is from Armsberg Germany which is close to Dortmond!  She speaks really good English... she barely even has an accent ha-ha.   She has been serving in the Visitors Center at the St George Temple for a year -so this is her first time being a full- time teaching missionary!  She is awesome...and she is also a vegetarian ha-ha.  But I make sure to let our dinner’s appointments know that I am NOT a vegetarian. I’m a Texan who hates beans and she is a German who hates meat ha!  The funny part is that we had chili for dinner two days in a row!!!!  

Oh and this week Sister Lipke and I have been in a trio( three of us)  with Sister Evans!  Sister Evans companion is not here yet so she has been with us all’s been way fun!  Crowded but fun. It’s been hard for her because she hasn’t been in her own area yet...but she’s awesome and doing the best she can.  Her companion comes tomorrow.
I’m reading the Book of Mormon I’m in 3 Nephi 13, my goal is to finish by general conference/Easter weekend and I’m going to make it!  Its amazing reading the Book of Mormon while on a mission...because there is so much missionary work in it!!!  It’s the best!!
Oh and the BEST part of the week was on Sunday because so many investigators actually came to church!!!  ahhh it’s the best feeling in the world to see people we are teaching come to church!!!

 there are people who are ready so change their lives and they know they can have that happiness through the gospel. There is this man that we are teaching who  read the bible hundreds of times (while in jail) ha  but he knows so much and he is so excited to learn more! 
 The work has been amazing here! We are teaching some really great people. Our baptism from last week got moved to this week...but I’m looking forward to it.  The hardest part now of getting people to commit to be baptized is their smoking habits.  Ugh!  so many people smoke!!!! I don’t understand!  We have a stop smoking program to help them quit… and if people are works!!  

Sharing the Plan of Salvation with investigators is my favorite, Because seeing their face and their reaction is the best!  As they realize It all makes sense to them and it answers so many of their questions.

This gospel is changing lives in Richfield!!!  I LOVE MY JOB!

Love yall!
Sister Titensor


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