Monday, June 29, 2015


Hi all,

This was a Super bittersweet week. Our favorite investigator couple moved,  Barbra and Steve. They are amazing!!!  We always had the best lessons with them, we are Super sad they moved...we will miss them!!  The ward actually threw a going away party for them!  (how awesome is that?!) Everyone here had truly grown to love them and become good friends, so the whole ward is super sad about it. But I have no doubt that they will make new friends and find the missionaries where they are moving.

Well another sad thing...We got a call from one of our investigators named Mary. She called us and told us she no longer wanted to meet with us. It made us sad because she was really interested in learning about our church. She called us the same day of the Supreme Court ruling...and that was her reason for dropping us. She believes that our church should be "up to date with the world" and when the Supreme Court made their decision about gay marriage...she decided to stop having lessons right then. We were Super sad to not be teaching her anymore.    

But…on the sweet side of things, we did find Dominique!!! We actually met her knocking doors!!  Crazy, right? Knocking doors usually is not the best way to find people to teach, but the Spirit led us to her!  She is super ready to hear the gospel!.  Every time we go to her home, she points out the Lords hand in her life. Like small things that we usually take for granted, but she knows that the Lord is helping her out. It’s crazy some of the experiences she has had!  Super happy we found her!!!  It really was a miracle!!

Well this week was also had a 17 year old young woman from St. George come and serve a mini mission with us!  She was here for 3 days!  Its something that their stake is doing as mission prep and I think it’s awesome!  We will get more "mini missionaries" in the next few weeks!!!  So fun to have her here with us.

 Wednesday, since Kanab is so “touristy”, we put up a free lemonade stand in front of the Family History Center. Mainly to promote the family history center but we had a bunch of people come by from ALL OVER THE WORLD and it was AWESOME!
we will for sure do it again!

Then, early Saturday morning, we went with the other 2 sister missionaries in our area  to do service. It was for a 19 year old girl who they randomly met. She lives by herself and the Sisters aren't teaching her but we decided it would be a great service opportunity. Her yard was in badddd shape so we got some Ward members to help. We worked for a while and it felt great to do some service.

On the way home I noticed how many other people needed service. We could probably spend the whole mission doing straight service. Then interestingly enough, later that day I was reading Mosiah ch. 4. And towards the end of the chapter king Benjamin really focuses on helping the needy. And he says "ye should impart your substance to the poor" now, I always took that to mean give money and stuff to those that don't have it… But it means so much more than that. The poor can be even the poor in spirit and the "substance" that we give can be anything from service to something more spiritual. The young girl we did service for was definitely struggling and I hope that we lifted her spirit.  And as I was reading Mosiah 4...verse 19 "are we not all beggars?" Don't we all have a need of something? I thought about everyone here in our Kanab ...both church members and nonmembers....and how everyone is in need of something. anything. Though we may not be teaching as much as we would like right now. We can still fulfill our purpose by doing service.

 Its amazing how crucial service really is! I have seen the difference in my day and the day of others when we are more service oriented. It has  strengthened my testimony of Christ!  Its the BEST! I love service and I love my job!!!!

“When ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God” Mosiah 2:17

 Sister Titensor


Well this week was super solid. Good things and hard things of course.
Week started off super slow....we were in St George all day Tuesday
for Zone Conference (which was awesome!!) so we didn't get much time in our area to work that day.
 Oh, and at zone conference we got these devices put in our car
that track how well we are driving....yeah :] and if you speed or turn
too hard or something...the box will talk to you and say "check your
speed" ha-ha yeah that's fun...and sends a report to the mission president.
Friday we decided to just walk all day and talk to everyone because we didn't have any appointments that day. So we walked...and walked...and walked. I have developed some good tan lines!! The heat it's pretty bad...But don't worry mom I'm staying hydrated :) we got to talk to a ton of people which is always good!!

Well finally on Saturday things started to pick up. We started out by
doing some service and pulling weeds. With my gardening gloves!! Ha-oh
yah!  But later that day we drove up to Alton to our appointment with
Steve and Barb. 
They are such great people and wanting to hear all about the gospel!!
They also fed us dinner and I
just love them to death and the ward loves them as well. Well the sad
news...they are moving this week!!!! NOOO!! I was so sad to hear that
because they were doing so awesome. The ward is super sad as well.
They will be a great asset to the church and a ward. They promised
 to find the church and missionaries in Oregon. It was heart breaking
losing two more investigators that we love so much. I know they
will one day be baptized...we just wish we could be there with them.

The good news is…we have some great people that we are teaching!
Reed...who finally committed to baptismal date after being taught by
sisters for a year!!!! So happy for was a super spiritual lesson!
Then we started teaching Mike in Alton. He is so prepared!! He has
already committed to baptism. He is one who has been coming to church for a
while. And of course the Alton ward is AMAZING at fellow-shipping so
Mike is really excited! He has been through so much and you can
just see the power and love of the atonement working in his life.
 Amazing stuff the gospel is huh?
Well there are the good times and the bad times here in Kanab...but
if we didn't have the bad would we know the good? This
gospel is what we NEED!  Although I'm tired 24/7 I still love my job :)

Sister t

Monday, June 15, 2015

     SHARING THE GOSPEL with FOREIGNERS!!!             6/15/15    

                                  St. Geroge Utah Visitors Center
Well, Tuesday I had to say goodbye to Sister Glaus.  I was so sad to see her leave because she was awesome.  We had a blast together and worked hard!   Then on Tuesday I was able to spend all day working in the Visitors Center at the St. George Temple while I was waiting for my new companion Sister Pugmire. The Visitor’s Center was super slow that day. And plus I didn't really know what I was doing half of the time because I am not trained as VC missionary. But at one point I was in the back room with the display of all the different languages of Book of Mormons. Then this French couple walked in. And I was back there all by myself so I started talking to them. They knew English pretty well and they started asking some great questions about our church.  I was super nervous because I was all by myself. Then they started asking some stuff that I had never really been asked before and I didn't quite know what to say. I was dying and hoping that another sister missionary would come to my rescue but no one was around. I could tell that this couple was really sincere and had great questions, so I just kept talking and somehow the spirit guided me with what to say.  I answered there questions and even said some things I never even knew that I knew!  It turned out to be a 45 minute conversation and the spirit was strong. Since I was all alone, I had to completely rely on the spirit as my companion. And I know they felt the spirit too! It was awesome! I gave them a French Book of Mormon :)  The Visitor’s Center is an amazing place! 

That night I finally got my companion and we headed back to Kanab. Sister Pugmire my new comp is from Las Vegas and she is super sweet. This week we did not have much success in our area. Appointments cancelled all week and it seems that everyone is gone on vacation or something!!  So, our area is struggling to find new people to teach.  But, I have faith that things will pick back up!

The interesting thing is that we have been sharing the gospel like crazy, but it’s not to the people in our’s to all the tourists!!  We have given out almost 20 Book of Mormons this week to people that are here visiting!!  For example, last week, we were walking out of the church building and we needed to go left but the spirit said to go right. SO we did. Then this group of 4 people from Germany came up to us and asked if they could see the inside of church. So of course we let them in and they wanted to see the whole building, so we gave them a church tour. They had lots of questions… there was somewhat of a language barrier so we took them next door to the Family History Center. We gave them some German Book of Mormons and then they asked where they could find this church in Germany!!! So we looked up the closest building to where they live and they wrote down the address. They also left with some pamphlets and a website that would be able to answer their questions. It was a really cool experience.

Then Saturday was the Alton Stake Picnic which was huge party. There were 3 bikers
 there that were just passing through the town when someone invited them to join the picnic. So they came and we started talking to them. They were riding there mountain bikes across the country so they had all their belongings hanging on their bikes.  They were the most interesting people and we had a really good gospel conversation with them. And they ended up leaving the picnic with full bellies and a Book of Mormon in their hands!! 

Then at that same picnic...we were eating and this couple sat next to us so we started talking to them. They were visiting from Delaware and they saw the ad for the picnic in the paper so they decided to come!  BOOM! Another gospel conversation with nonmembers!!  Another Book of Mormon!

Then on Sunday right after church, a group of Belgium tourist walked in to the chapel. So, we talked to them and they wanted a tour of the church!  Of course, we give them a tour and taught the restoration (the paintings on the wall go along with the restoration). They had really good questions (there were about 15 of them!) And… most of them walked out of there with a Book of Mormon and some more info and pamphlets! Ah, it was crazy!

We sure had a busy week sharing the gospel with so many people,  just not with people who live in our area!  ha-ha  Don’t know how much will come of all of this but I know that seeds are planted!! The gospel is spreading throughout the world...even from St. George Utah! In fact, our mission gives out more French Book of Mormons than the whole country of France does...Crazy how the Lord works. This gospel of Jesus Chirst is amazing and the spirit is truly the guide!!  I LOVE MY JOB!

Sister Titensor

 Sister Glaus and I...same shoes :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Well, I'm staying in Kanab!!  Sister Glaus is leaving to Brazil tomorrow!  So,Today we drive to St. George and I will get my new companion Sister Pugmire!  I know her a little  bit already, so it will be awesome! And we just got big news that our boundaries for our mission are changing!!  They are creating the Orem mission things are changing in Utah!  The Provo mission is taking some of our areas.  So the missionaries that are serving in those areas (about 49 missionaries) will be switching to the Provo mission! It’s crazy. My MTC companion, Sister Wilson is serving in Price right now so she will be switching missions. It’s sad, because I won’t get to see her, or work with her now!!   But I know that there is a reason for it and she will do great there! The boundary change won’t affect me so no worries :)

This past week flew by.  For P-day (preparation day) our zone went hiking in St. George...super hot! but fun!  I can't even remember half of the stuff that happened this week because it was so busy.  But one of our investigators moved. Another one of our investigators is avoiding us. Oh and another one was just thrown in jail! Ha, so we are losing people to teach left and right!  It’s been crazy...but that means that there are more people for us to find, more work for us to do.

Cool story though. One night we were leaving the church after a meeting. We saw this big van parked in the church parking lot by its self. Next to the van this young guy was just sitting there. Now remember that Kanab has a bunch of tourists and the church is right on busy Main Street. So it really wasn’t weird to have random people parked by the church. Well anyway, we were getting in the car and Sister Glaus though we should really talk to the guy sitting by the van. We didn’t have time right then, so we decided to come back after our appointment and talk to him.  About an hour later we came back and the van was still there! But, the kid wasn't outside anymore. Bummer! But the van looked like people had been living/camping in it. So we said what the heck and we knocked on the van. Super weird I know but I honestly didn't expect anyone to answer. Sure enough two guys were in the van! They came out and we started talking to them. Turns out they are from Germany and they are driving across the U.S.  We told them who we were and we talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ. One of them was really interested and was asking a lot of questions. We left them with a Book of Mormon and told them to find missionaries when they went home to Germany. Now I know it’s a weird encounter… but my companion and I know that the spirit led us there. We don't know what will come of it but we know we were supposed to talk to them! Just a cool story of planting a seed!!

John 21:15-17, Christ say’s “FEED MY SHEEP”3 times! Which basically means “DO MISSIONARY WORK”  It makes me so happy that you are working with the missionaries and having them in our home so often to teach.  They NEED you!  That’s awesome to hear about Wes’s baptism last week.  We have had soooo much training on working with the members of the church.  It’s so much harder for us if the  members don’t get involved.  So, thanks for doing your part to support and work with the missionaries in your area, that makes me so HAPPY! 
Currently my favorite scripture  about the Savior to share is 1st Nephi 19:9 When Christ suffers everything because He loves all of us!  I have seen the peace that comes to people from believing in Jesus Christ when no other source can bring them peace. 

I love serving in Kanab,  I have a feeling I am going to be here for a while, I truly love the people here.  Thank you for all of the love and support from home, I couldn’t do this without ya!

 This week was hard because we lost a few great people we were teaching, but there were some great things that happened as well.  

Tarrence is doing awesome! He recognizes the feelings of the spirit and he has such a desire to have the gospel in his life! He has been through so much and it’s amazing to see how much he has already changed.  He is an inspiration to me.  It’s the great people we meet and the people like him that make serving a mission it all worth it! This gospel is the best thing in my life and I love sharing it!  I love my job!

Love yall

Sister Titensor

Friday, June 5, 2015


Hi all, great week!   Jasmine finally got baptized!! She is 10 and she has wanted to get baptized for a longgg time. She was so excited!!! And a priest in her ward was able to baptize her and to have his first baptism and confirmation!!  So it was great. It was also a very humbling experience for her father who hasn’t attended church for a while.

Now that it summer here we have the hardest time finding new people to teach or even finding anyone home!!  It’s crazy. Sometime I feel like all we do is knock on doors that don’t answer!  But, I have faith that something good will comes soon. And, we do meet a ton of tourists!

 Sunday we had to speak in two different wards.... Well, we show up to the first one and all the sudden they tell us to shorten our talks because the area seventy was going to be there and speak.  Ha, well that was nerving!!  But it turned out really good!!  And the best part was that Cody came to church for the first time!!!! AH! It was awesome.

Then later that same Sunday we had to speak again. I had a 15 minute talk prepared. So, Sister Glaus finishes her talk with 35 minutes left of sacrament meeting. Then the congregation sang "keep the commandments" (which may I note that is the SHORTEST song in the hymn book!!) Then the remaining 34.5 minutes were left for me to speak!!! NOOO I was dying!  But the spirit is amazing...because somehow I took up 30 minutes. I added things that I had never thought about. I was so nervous going up there but I know the Lord was on my side and he helped me out!! We even received some new referrals for people to teach after the sacrament meeting. Thank goodness!

 Today we went to St. George for a zone activity. We hiked… and it was supposed to be a pretty short hike but it ended up being way longer!!  And let me just add…that St George is so hot!!!  Se we were all dying.  But it was fun.  Then had some lunch at
In and Out Burger… so it was all worth it. Ha!

Well it’s amazing how hard people have it sometimes. We have seen people with just the hardest struggles in their lives. But, some of those struggles are because we all have free agency. We are never forced to choose the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  But, I have seen that when we do choose the Gospel, it blesses us so much.  If we will choose to follow Christ instead of worldly things, many of our  burdens will be lifted.  I have seen the good and the bad of free agency.   We are here serving missions to teach and testify and to give people the option to choose for themselves. This gospel can and will bless us more than we can even imagine!!   I have seen this in my own life. 
I love my job!!!

Sister Glaus is leaving for Brazil next week!! Crazy...I’m super sad, she is an awesome missionary.  We love serving together.

Love yall and have a great week!

Sister T

Monday, June 1, 2015


  YUP,  We got to go to the Grand Canyon today!!  Ahh it was so beautiful!!  It started out super foggy so we couldn’t really see but then it cleared up and it was so pretty!!  Great day at the Grand Canyon!!

Well this week was good. It was way better at the beginning of the week… but then by Thursday it got quiet because everyone went out of town for Memorial Day weekend. UGH …so many appointments cancelled.  But, we have seen a bunch of tourists come through so that has been fun to see. I’m excited for this next week to come because we have a lot of work to make up for.  Tarrence is doing really well.  We taught him the Plan of Salvation lesson and he had so many good questions!!!!  He works on Sundays so he hasn’t been able to come to church yet…Such a bummer!!  I know he will love it!   

 We have a baptism this Saturday for Jasmine who is 10. She is so excited to get baptized!  Every time we come to her house she is waiting for us with a plate of cookies or cupcakes or something that she makes. Ha she is so cute.  Her baptism will be great I’m excited for her!  We also were to teach Barbra and Steve (the people who have done tons of family history) and they are awesome. Barbra has strong Native American beliefs so it’s interesting to hear about that. But we know that the Lord has prepared them! They have only lived here for about a year. They always say the "God sent us here" and they say they know they have a purpose here but they don’t know what it is yet...Well WE KNOW WHAT IT IS!! ha-ha they are awesome. I have enjoyed getting to know them.  I’m Excited to keep working with them

 The other week we were contacting some people we had never met. We met a couple in their 60s (Jason and Sally) Jason was super nice. We were amazed how nice he was to us!  Then he tells us about his wife who has early onset Alzheimer’s.  She has it pretty bad so he has to take care of her 24/7.  We were so touched by his kindness and his selflessness towards his wife. So, a few days later we make some cookies and dropped them off at their house. We were invited in and had a great conversation.  His wife doesn’t really remember anything; In fact her speech is affected so she kind of just says random things the whole time and just repeats one or two of the same words.  But every once in a while she would randomly say "I love you" to her husband. It was adorable and I just felt so much love for them!  I know that they would be blessed by the gospel in his life. He doesn’t really want us to teach him just yet, but I know that a seed has been planted. I have faith for good things to come with them!!!  And… we have made a new friend.

Well yesterday I had to speak in sacrament meeting again!   In Orderville this time.  It was crazy how many visitors and tourists were there!!  The chapel and the overflow were packed!!   And, I get to speak again next Sunday in TWO other wards in the same day.... oh the beauty of being over an entire stake!! Ha-ha.  But, it’s all good, it gives us a chance to get the members excited for missionary work and that is exactly what we need!!!!

This week we also had interviews with President Center. We had to drive to Hurricane (an hour and a half away) for a short and sweet 20 minute meeting with him.  But, it was good to meet with him.  Kanab is a great area and I’m hoping I get to stay here when transfers come along!  I have really come to appreciate the members that help us. Cause we can’t do it without them! They help us so much and I will always be grateful for that.  I love my job!

I Love yall

Sister T