Monday, June 29, 2015


Well this week was super solid. Good things and hard things of course.
Week started off super slow....we were in St George all day Tuesday
for Zone Conference (which was awesome!!) so we didn't get much time in our area to work that day.
 Oh, and at zone conference we got these devices put in our car
that track how well we are driving....yeah :] and if you speed or turn
too hard or something...the box will talk to you and say "check your
speed" ha-ha yeah that's fun...and sends a report to the mission president.
Friday we decided to just walk all day and talk to everyone because we didn't have any appointments that day. So we walked...and walked...and walked. I have developed some good tan lines!! The heat it's pretty bad...But don't worry mom I'm staying hydrated :) we got to talk to a ton of people which is always good!!

Well finally on Saturday things started to pick up. We started out by
doing some service and pulling weeds. With my gardening gloves!! Ha-oh
yah!  But later that day we drove up to Alton to our appointment with
Steve and Barb. 
They are such great people and wanting to hear all about the gospel!!
They also fed us dinner and I
just love them to death and the ward loves them as well. Well the sad
news...they are moving this week!!!! NOOO!! I was so sad to hear that
because they were doing so awesome. The ward is super sad as well.
They will be a great asset to the church and a ward. They promised
 to find the church and missionaries in Oregon. It was heart breaking
losing two more investigators that we love so much. I know they
will one day be baptized...we just wish we could be there with them.

The good news is…we have some great people that we are teaching!
Reed...who finally committed to baptismal date after being taught by
sisters for a year!!!! So happy for was a super spiritual lesson!
Then we started teaching Mike in Alton. He is so prepared!! He has
already committed to baptism. He is one who has been coming to church for a
while. And of course the Alton ward is AMAZING at fellow-shipping so
Mike is really excited! He has been through so much and you can
just see the power and love of the atonement working in his life.
 Amazing stuff the gospel is huh?
Well there are the good times and the bad times here in Kanab...but
if we didn't have the bad would we know the good? This
gospel is what we NEED!  Although I'm tired 24/7 I still love my job :)

Sister t

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