Monday, June 29, 2015


Hi all,

This was a Super bittersweet week. Our favorite investigator couple moved,  Barbra and Steve. They are amazing!!!  We always had the best lessons with them, we are Super sad they moved...we will miss them!!  The ward actually threw a going away party for them!  (how awesome is that?!) Everyone here had truly grown to love them and become good friends, so the whole ward is super sad about it. But I have no doubt that they will make new friends and find the missionaries where they are moving.

Well another sad thing...We got a call from one of our investigators named Mary. She called us and told us she no longer wanted to meet with us. It made us sad because she was really interested in learning about our church. She called us the same day of the Supreme Court ruling...and that was her reason for dropping us. She believes that our church should be "up to date with the world" and when the Supreme Court made their decision about gay marriage...she decided to stop having lessons right then. We were Super sad to not be teaching her anymore.    

But…on the sweet side of things, we did find Dominique!!! We actually met her knocking doors!!  Crazy, right? Knocking doors usually is not the best way to find people to teach, but the Spirit led us to her!  She is super ready to hear the gospel!.  Every time we go to her home, she points out the Lords hand in her life. Like small things that we usually take for granted, but she knows that the Lord is helping her out. It’s crazy some of the experiences she has had!  Super happy we found her!!!  It really was a miracle!!

Well this week was also had a 17 year old young woman from St. George come and serve a mini mission with us!  She was here for 3 days!  Its something that their stake is doing as mission prep and I think it’s awesome!  We will get more "mini missionaries" in the next few weeks!!!  So fun to have her here with us.

 Wednesday, since Kanab is so “touristy”, we put up a free lemonade stand in front of the Family History Center. Mainly to promote the family history center but we had a bunch of people come by from ALL OVER THE WORLD and it was AWESOME!
we will for sure do it again!

Then, early Saturday morning, we went with the other 2 sister missionaries in our area  to do service. It was for a 19 year old girl who they randomly met. She lives by herself and the Sisters aren't teaching her but we decided it would be a great service opportunity. Her yard was in badddd shape so we got some Ward members to help. We worked for a while and it felt great to do some service.

On the way home I noticed how many other people needed service. We could probably spend the whole mission doing straight service. Then interestingly enough, later that day I was reading Mosiah ch. 4. And towards the end of the chapter king Benjamin really focuses on helping the needy. And he says "ye should impart your substance to the poor" now, I always took that to mean give money and stuff to those that don't have it… But it means so much more than that. The poor can be even the poor in spirit and the "substance" that we give can be anything from service to something more spiritual. The young girl we did service for was definitely struggling and I hope that we lifted her spirit.  And as I was reading Mosiah 4...verse 19 "are we not all beggars?" Don't we all have a need of something? I thought about everyone here in our Kanab ...both church members and nonmembers....and how everyone is in need of something. anything. Though we may not be teaching as much as we would like right now. We can still fulfill our purpose by doing service.

 Its amazing how crucial service really is! I have seen the difference in my day and the day of others when we are more service oriented. It has  strengthened my testimony of Christ!  Its the BEST! I love service and I love my job!!!!

“When ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God” Mosiah 2:17

 Sister Titensor

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