Friday, June 5, 2015


Hi all, great week!   Jasmine finally got baptized!! She is 10 and she has wanted to get baptized for a longgg time. She was so excited!!! And a priest in her ward was able to baptize her and to have his first baptism and confirmation!!  So it was great. It was also a very humbling experience for her father who hasn’t attended church for a while.

Now that it summer here we have the hardest time finding new people to teach or even finding anyone home!!  It’s crazy. Sometime I feel like all we do is knock on doors that don’t answer!  But, I have faith that something good will comes soon. And, we do meet a ton of tourists!

 Sunday we had to speak in two different wards.... Well, we show up to the first one and all the sudden they tell us to shorten our talks because the area seventy was going to be there and speak.  Ha, well that was nerving!!  But it turned out really good!!  And the best part was that Cody came to church for the first time!!!! AH! It was awesome.

Then later that same Sunday we had to speak again. I had a 15 minute talk prepared. So, Sister Glaus finishes her talk with 35 minutes left of sacrament meeting. Then the congregation sang "keep the commandments" (which may I note that is the SHORTEST song in the hymn book!!) Then the remaining 34.5 minutes were left for me to speak!!! NOOO I was dying!  But the spirit is amazing...because somehow I took up 30 minutes. I added things that I had never thought about. I was so nervous going up there but I know the Lord was on my side and he helped me out!! We even received some new referrals for people to teach after the sacrament meeting. Thank goodness!

 Today we went to St. George for a zone activity. We hiked… and it was supposed to be a pretty short hike but it ended up being way longer!!  And let me just add…that St George is so hot!!!  Se we were all dying.  But it was fun.  Then had some lunch at
In and Out Burger… so it was all worth it. Ha!

Well it’s amazing how hard people have it sometimes. We have seen people with just the hardest struggles in their lives. But, some of those struggles are because we all have free agency. We are never forced to choose the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  But, I have seen that when we do choose the Gospel, it blesses us so much.  If we will choose to follow Christ instead of worldly things, many of our  burdens will be lifted.  I have seen the good and the bad of free agency.   We are here serving missions to teach and testify and to give people the option to choose for themselves. This gospel can and will bless us more than we can even imagine!!   I have seen this in my own life. 
I love my job!!!

Sister Glaus is leaving for Brazil next week!! Crazy...I’m super sad, she is an awesome missionary.  We love serving together.

Love yall and have a great week!

Sister T

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