Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Well, I'm staying in Kanab!!  Sister Glaus is leaving to Brazil tomorrow!  So,Today we drive to St. George and I will get my new companion Sister Pugmire!  I know her a little  bit already, so it will be awesome! And we just got big news that our boundaries for our mission are changing!!  They are creating the Orem mission things are changing in Utah!  The Provo mission is taking some of our areas.  So the missionaries that are serving in those areas (about 49 missionaries) will be switching to the Provo mission! It’s crazy. My MTC companion, Sister Wilson is serving in Price right now so she will be switching missions. It’s sad, because I won’t get to see her, or work with her now!!   But I know that there is a reason for it and she will do great there! The boundary change won’t affect me so no worries :)

This past week flew by.  For P-day (preparation day) our zone went hiking in St. George...super hot! but fun!  I can't even remember half of the stuff that happened this week because it was so busy.  But one of our investigators moved. Another one of our investigators is avoiding us. Oh and another one was just thrown in jail! Ha, so we are losing people to teach left and right!  It’s been crazy...but that means that there are more people for us to find, more work for us to do.

Cool story though. One night we were leaving the church after a meeting. We saw this big van parked in the church parking lot by its self. Next to the van this young guy was just sitting there. Now remember that Kanab has a bunch of tourists and the church is right on busy Main Street. So it really wasn’t weird to have random people parked by the church. Well anyway, we were getting in the car and Sister Glaus though we should really talk to the guy sitting by the van. We didn’t have time right then, so we decided to come back after our appointment and talk to him.  About an hour later we came back and the van was still there! But, the kid wasn't outside anymore. Bummer! But the van looked like people had been living/camping in it. So we said what the heck and we knocked on the van. Super weird I know but I honestly didn't expect anyone to answer. Sure enough two guys were in the van! They came out and we started talking to them. Turns out they are from Germany and they are driving across the U.S.  We told them who we were and we talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ. One of them was really interested and was asking a lot of questions. We left them with a Book of Mormon and told them to find missionaries when they went home to Germany. Now I know it’s a weird encounter… but my companion and I know that the spirit led us there. We don't know what will come of it but we know we were supposed to talk to them! Just a cool story of planting a seed!!

John 21:15-17, Christ say’s “FEED MY SHEEP”3 times! Which basically means “DO MISSIONARY WORK”  It makes me so happy that you are working with the missionaries and having them in our home so often to teach.  They NEED you!  That’s awesome to hear about Wes’s baptism last week.  We have had soooo much training on working with the members of the church.  It’s so much harder for us if the  members don’t get involved.  So, thanks for doing your part to support and work with the missionaries in your area, that makes me so HAPPY! 
Currently my favorite scripture  about the Savior to share is 1st Nephi 19:9 When Christ suffers everything because He loves all of us!  I have seen the peace that comes to people from believing in Jesus Christ when no other source can bring them peace. 

I love serving in Kanab,  I have a feeling I am going to be here for a while, I truly love the people here.  Thank you for all of the love and support from home, I couldn’t do this without ya!

 This week was hard because we lost a few great people we were teaching, but there were some great things that happened as well.  

Tarrence is doing awesome! He recognizes the feelings of the spirit and he has such a desire to have the gospel in his life! He has been through so much and it’s amazing to see how much he has already changed.  He is an inspiration to me.  It’s the great people we meet and the people like him that make serving a mission it all worth it! This gospel is the best thing in my life and I love sharing it!  I love my job!

Love yall

Sister Titensor

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