Monday, June 15, 2015

     SHARING THE GOSPEL with FOREIGNERS!!!             6/15/15    

                                  St. Geroge Utah Visitors Center
Well, Tuesday I had to say goodbye to Sister Glaus.  I was so sad to see her leave because she was awesome.  We had a blast together and worked hard!   Then on Tuesday I was able to spend all day working in the Visitors Center at the St. George Temple while I was waiting for my new companion Sister Pugmire. The Visitor’s Center was super slow that day. And plus I didn't really know what I was doing half of the time because I am not trained as VC missionary. But at one point I was in the back room with the display of all the different languages of Book of Mormons. Then this French couple walked in. And I was back there all by myself so I started talking to them. They knew English pretty well and they started asking some great questions about our church.  I was super nervous because I was all by myself. Then they started asking some stuff that I had never really been asked before and I didn't quite know what to say. I was dying and hoping that another sister missionary would come to my rescue but no one was around. I could tell that this couple was really sincere and had great questions, so I just kept talking and somehow the spirit guided me with what to say.  I answered there questions and even said some things I never even knew that I knew!  It turned out to be a 45 minute conversation and the spirit was strong. Since I was all alone, I had to completely rely on the spirit as my companion. And I know they felt the spirit too! It was awesome! I gave them a French Book of Mormon :)  The Visitor’s Center is an amazing place! 

That night I finally got my companion and we headed back to Kanab. Sister Pugmire my new comp is from Las Vegas and she is super sweet. This week we did not have much success in our area. Appointments cancelled all week and it seems that everyone is gone on vacation or something!!  So, our area is struggling to find new people to teach.  But, I have faith that things will pick back up!

The interesting thing is that we have been sharing the gospel like crazy, but it’s not to the people in our’s to all the tourists!!  We have given out almost 20 Book of Mormons this week to people that are here visiting!!  For example, last week, we were walking out of the church building and we needed to go left but the spirit said to go right. SO we did. Then this group of 4 people from Germany came up to us and asked if they could see the inside of church. So of course we let them in and they wanted to see the whole building, so we gave them a church tour. They had lots of questions… there was somewhat of a language barrier so we took them next door to the Family History Center. We gave them some German Book of Mormons and then they asked where they could find this church in Germany!!! So we looked up the closest building to where they live and they wrote down the address. They also left with some pamphlets and a website that would be able to answer their questions. It was a really cool experience.

Then Saturday was the Alton Stake Picnic which was huge party. There were 3 bikers
 there that were just passing through the town when someone invited them to join the picnic. So they came and we started talking to them. They were riding there mountain bikes across the country so they had all their belongings hanging on their bikes.  They were the most interesting people and we had a really good gospel conversation with them. And they ended up leaving the picnic with full bellies and a Book of Mormon in their hands!! 

Then at that same picnic...we were eating and this couple sat next to us so we started talking to them. They were visiting from Delaware and they saw the ad for the picnic in the paper so they decided to come!  BOOM! Another gospel conversation with nonmembers!!  Another Book of Mormon!

Then on Sunday right after church, a group of Belgium tourist walked in to the chapel. So, we talked to them and they wanted a tour of the church!  Of course, we give them a tour and taught the restoration (the paintings on the wall go along with the restoration). They had really good questions (there were about 15 of them!) And… most of them walked out of there with a Book of Mormon and some more info and pamphlets! Ah, it was crazy!

We sure had a busy week sharing the gospel with so many people,  just not with people who live in our area!  ha-ha  Don’t know how much will come of all of this but I know that seeds are planted!! The gospel is spreading throughout the world...even from St. George Utah! In fact, our mission gives out more French Book of Mormons than the whole country of France does...Crazy how the Lord works. This gospel of Jesus Chirst is amazing and the spirit is truly the guide!!  I LOVE MY JOB!

Sister Titensor

 Sister Glaus and I...same shoes :)

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