Monday, June 1, 2015


  YUP,  We got to go to the Grand Canyon today!!  Ahh it was so beautiful!!  It started out super foggy so we couldn’t really see but then it cleared up and it was so pretty!!  Great day at the Grand Canyon!!

Well this week was good. It was way better at the beginning of the week… but then by Thursday it got quiet because everyone went out of town for Memorial Day weekend. UGH …so many appointments cancelled.  But, we have seen a bunch of tourists come through so that has been fun to see. I’m excited for this next week to come because we have a lot of work to make up for.  Tarrence is doing really well.  We taught him the Plan of Salvation lesson and he had so many good questions!!!!  He works on Sundays so he hasn’t been able to come to church yet…Such a bummer!!  I know he will love it!   

 We have a baptism this Saturday for Jasmine who is 10. She is so excited to get baptized!  Every time we come to her house she is waiting for us with a plate of cookies or cupcakes or something that she makes. Ha she is so cute.  Her baptism will be great I’m excited for her!  We also were to teach Barbra and Steve (the people who have done tons of family history) and they are awesome. Barbra has strong Native American beliefs so it’s interesting to hear about that. But we know that the Lord has prepared them! They have only lived here for about a year. They always say the "God sent us here" and they say they know they have a purpose here but they don’t know what it is yet...Well WE KNOW WHAT IT IS!! ha-ha they are awesome. I have enjoyed getting to know them.  I’m Excited to keep working with them

 The other week we were contacting some people we had never met. We met a couple in their 60s (Jason and Sally) Jason was super nice. We were amazed how nice he was to us!  Then he tells us about his wife who has early onset Alzheimer’s.  She has it pretty bad so he has to take care of her 24/7.  We were so touched by his kindness and his selflessness towards his wife. So, a few days later we make some cookies and dropped them off at their house. We were invited in and had a great conversation.  His wife doesn’t really remember anything; In fact her speech is affected so she kind of just says random things the whole time and just repeats one or two of the same words.  But every once in a while she would randomly say "I love you" to her husband. It was adorable and I just felt so much love for them!  I know that they would be blessed by the gospel in his life. He doesn’t really want us to teach him just yet, but I know that a seed has been planted. I have faith for good things to come with them!!!  And… we have made a new friend.

Well yesterday I had to speak in sacrament meeting again!   In Orderville this time.  It was crazy how many visitors and tourists were there!!  The chapel and the overflow were packed!!   And, I get to speak again next Sunday in TWO other wards in the same day.... oh the beauty of being over an entire stake!! Ha-ha.  But, it’s all good, it gives us a chance to get the members excited for missionary work and that is exactly what we need!!!!

This week we also had interviews with President Center. We had to drive to Hurricane (an hour and a half away) for a short and sweet 20 minute meeting with him.  But, it was good to meet with him.  Kanab is a great area and I’m hoping I get to stay here when transfers come along!  I have really come to appreciate the members that help us. Cause we can’t do it without them! They help us so much and I will always be grateful for that.  I love my job!

I Love yall

Sister T

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