Monday, May 18, 2015

A Different City Every Day!!
Well this week we were all over the place!   Monday we started off the week by doing some awesome hiking in Kanab. It’s seriously beautiful!! 

Tuesday we started off the day here in Kanab by doing service with some ladies in the stake by making quilts. Then the rest of the day we had appointments to teach and then we met some new people in the afternoon.
 Wednesday we spent the day in Orderville.  We have some solid people that we are teaching in Orderville!   Especially this man named Tarrence. He is so prepared to hear the gospel. He always wants specific chapters in the Book of Mormon to read about specific things. Then he will text us about how amazing the Book of Mormon is and how much he is learning from it. He truly wants to know these things for himself.  He reads the Book of Mormon every day before work which is an example to all of us!!

 Thursday we drove to Hurricane for district meeting which was really good.  Then right after our meeting,   I had to go to St. George with Sister Archambaut for exchanges.  We went straight to the Visitors Center at the St George Temple for the whole evening!!   It was so interesting to be there. That night, they had 5 French tour busses come in so… Sister Archambaut (who speaks French) gave all these French tours. And I (who don’t speak French, except for high school)   got to watch.  It was fun to see so many people visiting from France. . And it was nice to be in a “big” city for a while! ha.

Then Friday morning we went back to work at the Visitors Center for half the day. It was slower that morning, but we got to explain some things about the temple to some nonmembers a couple of times!   It was way fun to be there and meet new people.  Two people from Austria had a lot of hard questions about the church; it was way cool to visit with them and try to answer some of their questions.  Then later that afternoon we went and did some proselyting in Washington City (which is right outside St George.) That area is allot like Flower Mound.  We did not have as much success finding people to talk to listen to.  But it was a good experience. Then that night I drove back to Kanab!

So Friday morning we had to leave again to go all the way to Alton. Some less active members we were teaching that were getting married. So we got to go to a wedding! Alton had an amazing ward so we got to get to know some of the members there. It was great. Then we spent the rest of the day in Alton contacting people. We met this amazing nonmember couple who have done SO MUCH family history!! It’s seriously shocking!!   We are going to start teaching them. I know their ancestors must be rooting for them because they want their temple work done!  Seriously...the amount of work they could do it amazing. They are a great couple and I am super excited to work with them!

Then Sunday we spent the day back in Orderville. People came to church!! so that was good!   We also taught Tarrence again. Im not going to lie...but it probably wasn’t our best lesson!!...let’s just say there were some distractions….. haha.  But since Tarrence is so amazing, he didn’t even notice!  He was so focused on the lesson and was asking great questions!!   Despite the situation he still felt the spirit, which I was so grateful for...thank goodness!!!

Overall, It was another great week here!  I’m not going to lie, it can be discouraging and hard work at times. Sometimes it even seems impossible.  But I know there is a reason that my companion and I are here. I have learned that if we don't rely on the Lord and the spirit, things are way harder.  I’m grateful that the spirit is the guide, and we are never left on our own.  This is the Lords work!

And, I do have to say that… I love my job!! 

Love yall

Sister Titensor


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