Monday, May 11, 2015

FINDING MIRACLES!                                 5/11/15

This week was amazing here in Kanab! So Many Miracles!  We found 5 new investigators this week and it was all because the Lord put them in our path!
The first person we met, he was randomly walking on the street and we drove by him 3 different times and then we finally pulled over and talked to him. It was super awkward but it worked out because he needs the gospel so bad!  We were meant to meet him. We have taught him a couple of times now and he is doing great.

Then right after we met him, we went to an appointment with our 9 year old investigator. We assumed both his parents were members of our church, just less active.  But then we start talking about baptism, and all the sudden his step dad says,
"I have a question, how can I be baptized?" We were shocked!  We had no clue that he wasn’t already a member and we had been teaching him and his son this whole time! So now he wants to get baptized with his son!  super exciting. We did not see that coming!!

Then later this week, we went to an addiction recovery class that the LDS church does. It is an amazing class and we go to support some of the people that we teach. While there we met some people that want to know more about the church. So we talked to them for a while and BAM!  2 more investigators. We weren't even going to go to the class but we decided to at the last minute and I am so grateful that we did!!  They are great people and are excited to learn more, and we are excited to teach them.

The on mother’s day, we had dinner with a group of people at a bed and breakfast.  So after dinner we were talking with this man about the gospel and how it can change and bring joy into your life. The spirit was so strong when we were talking to him. He wants to feel that joy in his life and in his family. So we found yet another person to teach!!

This week was amazing and I know the Lord put us exactly in the places that we needed to be at the exact right moment. There are so many people here in Kanab that could benefit from the gospel in their lives. We have found some of them, but I know that there are even more out there. I have faith that we will continue to find people to teach. I have seen miracles and I know it is because Heavenly Father loves his children and wants the best for them. I am so excited for things to come!  Sister Glaus is a great companion. We know how to work hard and how to have fun while doing it! (cause both are important haha)
This gospel is so true and I love my job!!

Thanks for everything!
Sister T

Pictures: In the tiny town of Alton where we work- the stop signs all say  "WHOA" and it also snowed there this week!

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