Tuesday, January 19, 2016

NIKKI'S BAPTISM!!! BEST WEEK EVER!!!       1/18/16

This has been one of the best weeks of my mission! We have
seen miracles and the spirit has been so strong! The week started out great
with Monday night...we taught several people and found a solid new
investigator. His name is Steve and he is super prepared!  He works in
Alaska during the summer and mines for gold (like the people on Gold
Rush! Ha-ha) but he is living with some members here and he is super
prepared to learn!

We found a random bulldog walking the street so we picked it up and
used it as a way to meet new people and talk to them! Haha, oh and
also to find out whose dog it was!  We met a few new people as we
Were looking, so, that was good!!

Then I got to travel on exchanges on Tuesday and we saw more miracles and
found new people to teach.  Which was awesome!  

Wednesday we had a really cool lesson.
Nikki's parents live in Nevada and they are really interested in the
church. Nikki's father in particular has lots of questions
especially about church history. So while they were in town...we set
up the coolest appointment for her parents to have a lesson with us and
Susan Easton Black! (She is well known in the church and she has great
knowledge of church history, she has written several books etc.)  
it was such a cool lesson!  And her dad was so excited to meet her..
They are both very intelligent people and it was really interesting and
fun to watch them talk back and forth. But the coolest part of the lesson
was that Susan Easton Black still focused on the spiritual side not
just the historical part. It was an amazing experience! And both of
Nikki's parents are seriously considering joining the church!

Wednesday night was Nikki's baptism!!!! I was so nervous for this
baptism because a lot of visitors were going to be there. People
that we are currently teaching came and also other missionaries brought their
investigators as well.

I had been praying all week that this would be
a very spiritual event for those who came. Nikki was so excited and
nervous at the same time. It was a beautiful baptism and the spirit
was very strong. And while Nikki was changing, me and my companion
taught the restoration to those who were in attendance. As soon as I
stood up in front of everyone I started crying. The spirit was so
strong and I was so happy for Nikki.  As we taught the restoration, the
words just came out of my mouth and I know that the spirit was guiding
me. It was truly amazing to see the change in Nikki. She was so
happy!!!  And her husband felt the spirit as well.  He will also get
baptized (hopefully soon!)

And on Sunday was Nikki's confirmation. And she was asked if she would
share her testimony in sacrament meeting. And she actually said yes!!!
(Now Nikki is very shy, and I never in a million years thought she
would get up in front of all of those people and speak.) But she did and she
shared her conversion story and a beautiful testimony. I was crying
yet again! I know that she has been a great example to her family and
this will change her and the life of her family forever!  She can't
wait to be able to go through the temple and I can't wait to come back
and go with her!

And in the words of Nikki's favorite scripture: 


This gospel is true! and it's changing lives...no doubt about it!!

Sister Titensor

Monday, January 11, 2016

....Its WINTER!!!

Well it was transfer week and I have a new companion here in St George
North!  Her name is Sister Mervar and she is from northern Italy!
She speaks 4 languages so she is super neat and a hard worker.
Luckily we don't start all of our exchanges until this week so we have
been able to tet to know each other this past week!  Her first day here...we
woke up to a foot of snow! The roads where we live were really bad and
even the members wouldn't drive us around. So we were stuck in the
apartment until  it finally stopped snowing… so we were okay to drive! We only
got stuck a few times!  And luckily we have a jeep :)   Today for
Pday we went up to Pine Valley with some other sisters missionaries. It has twice
as much snow so that was fun!

The work is going really well!  We are teaching some really great
people. We met this new investigator...and he is awesome!
He is this big bald guy with earrings and not the kind of guy you
would just normally want to go up and talk to. He has had a crazy past...But he
has the most amazing heart!  We taught him a couple of lessons already
and he loved church on Sunday. I'm excited to continue teaching him.
He is very prepared to hear the gospel message and I just KNOW how
much it will change and bless his life.

Nikki is doing really well....her baptism is on Wednesday!!!! So
excited! She is really prepared. She has been the biggest miracle. I
feel very connected to her and I just know what a great asset and blessing to the
church she will be. And tons of non members are coming to the baptism
so it's going to be a spiritual event for all involved. I have loved
seeing the change in Nikki. The gospel is amazing!

On Saturday we got a really cool opportunity. Elder Ballard ...the
apostle and Elder Christensen from the presidency of the Seventy came
and spoke to the missionaries in St George!!! It was a very powerful
meeting. Elder Ballard really emphasized teaching and how important
our calling as missionaries is. He is a funny guy! He even said we
better get used to missionary work now because when we die...guess
what?! We will still be doing missionary work!!! And I'm okay with
that because it is the best!

This week my testimony of prayer has really grown. There is so much
power in saying our personal prayers vocally.   I know that Heavenly
Father answers our prayers.  What a great blessing it is that we have
to talk to our Father in heaven daily!

Love you all  and I love my Job!
Sister Titensor

HAPPY NEW YEAR         1/4/2016


Well this week has started out really slow with cancelled appointment
but towards the end it turned out really well with lots of miracles!!
We found a new investigator named Kelly. He is a really interesting
guy!  I'm excited to start teaching him!  We also found a new
investigator named Bailey. Her husband is a less active member and we
had a powerful lesson with them about Joseph Smith! They will for sure
take some time but I know they invited us back!

Nikki is doing really well! Her baptism will be on the 13th! And her
dad is super interested in the church! It's so exciting to see the
change in their lives. Nikki is super stoked! We helped her pick good
quotes this week from prophets and apostles and help out them on her
wall. And she is listening to general conference talk’s non stop!  Ahh
it's the best!

New Year's Eve we had a special zone meeting. We had some training
and then we got to watch the movie the Best Two Years! Ha, that was fun
watching with a bunch of missionaries! But the rest of the week we
were super busy. We visited lots of people and the members here are
really helping. We are excited for good things to come. Miracles are

We also had transfer calls this week! I will be staying in St George
North as an STL but sadly Sister Gearheart is being transferred. So I
will be getting Sister Mervar who is from Italy! It will be fun and
I'm excited to work with her!

Lately I have learned a lot about faith. We all know that scripture
"faith without works is dead" but we can also say that works without
faith is dead!  It's so true! Our job here runs on faith and works.


Love you all
And love my job!
Sister Titensor

HAPPY…BUSY WEEK!     12/28/15


Well it has been a crazy busy week!  Don't have much time to write today...!
But, we went on some more exchanges this week!  I got to go to a Spanish
area and I was able to be in the visitor’s center for a day so that was fun!
We had lots of members invite us to things this week for Christmas and they treated us very well!

Christmas was great!  We spent the morning with a family we are
teaching and that was really, fun...especially to be around young kids!
Then we went to sing at the soup kitchen and then I got to Skype my
beautiful family! Then we spent the rest of the day visiting people
that we are teaching. It was a great/perfect day! Best Christmas ever!

I will share a cool experience. Our investigator Nikki is doing
awesome! We took her with her dad (who is now becoming interested in
 church) to the visitor’s center. We gave them a tour and it was a very powerful experience.
 When Nikki was looking at the temple, she got very emotional. The
spirit was so strong! She is doing amazing :) Miracles are happening!!

Well for P-day, all of us missionaries were able  to go to the temple and it
was very powerful!  We had our own session to ourselves of just
missionaries so you can imagine the spirit that was there.

We have been working hard and staying busy..so needless to say I'm tired
but ,it's the best time of my life!
Thanks for all the Christmas wishes! And cards!!

Love you all!

Well Merry Christmas!  12/21/15

Tabernacle Christmas Concert
This has been an amazing week here! Lots of
miracles and service! We went on more exchanges and did
service at the soup kitchen We also taught some great people who are
anxious to learn more!  We had a great service opportunity on
Thursday... we got to wrap and sort HUNDREDS of Christmas presents
for families who are less fortunate. It was a lot of work and took a long
time but it was a great experience!  A lady we are teaching, Nikki even came
and did service with us!

We were able to invite the German couple that we are teaching to the Live
Nativity...it was really cold but they loved it! They are doing really
well. Their future is looking really good!

We had a really cool miracle this week with Nikki. allot of things
led up to this miracle. It was a very special and sacred experience but
let's just say that there is so much power in fasting!! She wants 
to be baptized soon! I feel very connected to her and I feel like she
is why I was sent to this area. She has changed so much and I'm so
happy for her! The gospel will change her life and her family's life forever!

Sunday night, all the missionaries serving in St. George came together
and put on a Christmas Concert at the Tabernacle. It was so
powerful.  It is such an historic building, there was such a special spirit
 was there. And lots of people that we are teaching came! It was
the perfect thing to get ready for Christmas!

 I have loved being here!!
And being on a mission during Christmas time. People's hearts are softened
and it is a wonderful time to remember out Savior. Although we should
remember Christ throughout the whole year, there is a special spirit
that comes during this time of year. I love it and I'm excited for Christmas
Day because we get to do service and visit a lot of people. It's the
most wonderful time of the year!

Love you all
Sister Titensor

Wrapping gifts for families..