Monday, January 11, 2016

HAPPY…BUSY WEEK!     12/28/15


Well it has been a crazy busy week!  Don't have much time to write today...!
But, we went on some more exchanges this week!  I got to go to a Spanish
area and I was able to be in the visitor’s center for a day so that was fun!
We had lots of members invite us to things this week for Christmas and they treated us very well!

Christmas was great!  We spent the morning with a family we are
teaching and that was really, fun...especially to be around young kids!
Then we went to sing at the soup kitchen and then I got to Skype my
beautiful family! Then we spent the rest of the day visiting people
that we are teaching. It was a great/perfect day! Best Christmas ever!

I will share a cool experience. Our investigator Nikki is doing
awesome! We took her with her dad (who is now becoming interested in
 church) to the visitor’s center. We gave them a tour and it was a very powerful experience.
 When Nikki was looking at the temple, she got very emotional. The
spirit was so strong! She is doing amazing :) Miracles are happening!!

Well for P-day, all of us missionaries were able  to go to the temple and it
was very powerful!  We had our own session to ourselves of just
missionaries so you can imagine the spirit that was there.

We have been working hard and staying needless to say I'm tired
but ,it's the best time of my life!
Thanks for all the Christmas wishes! And cards!!

Love you all!

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