Monday, January 11, 2016

....Its WINTER!!!

Well it was transfer week and I have a new companion here in St George
North!  Her name is Sister Mervar and she is from northern Italy!
She speaks 4 languages so she is super neat and a hard worker.
Luckily we don't start all of our exchanges until this week so we have
been able to tet to know each other this past week!  Her first day here...we
woke up to a foot of snow! The roads where we live were really bad and
even the members wouldn't drive us around. So we were stuck in the
apartment until  it finally stopped snowing… so we were okay to drive! We only
got stuck a few times!  And luckily we have a jeep :)   Today for
Pday we went up to Pine Valley with some other sisters missionaries. It has twice
as much snow so that was fun!

The work is going really well!  We are teaching some really great
people. We met this new investigator...and he is awesome!
He is this big bald guy with earrings and not the kind of guy you
would just normally want to go up and talk to. He has had a crazy past...But he
has the most amazing heart!  We taught him a couple of lessons already
and he loved church on Sunday. I'm excited to continue teaching him.
He is very prepared to hear the gospel message and I just KNOW how
much it will change and bless his life.

Nikki is doing really well....her baptism is on Wednesday!!!! So
excited! She is really prepared. She has been the biggest miracle. I
feel very connected to her and I just know what a great asset and blessing to the
church she will be. And tons of non members are coming to the baptism
so it's going to be a spiritual event for all involved. I have loved
seeing the change in Nikki. The gospel is amazing!

On Saturday we got a really cool opportunity. Elder Ballard ...the
apostle and Elder Christensen from the presidency of the Seventy came
and spoke to the missionaries in St George!!! It was a very powerful
meeting. Elder Ballard really emphasized teaching and how important
our calling as missionaries is. He is a funny guy! He even said we
better get used to missionary work now because when we die...guess
what?! We will still be doing missionary work!!! And I'm okay with
that because it is the best!

This week my testimony of prayer has really grown. There is so much
power in saying our personal prayers vocally.   I know that Heavenly
Father answers our prayers.  What a great blessing it is that we have
to talk to our Father in heaven daily!

Love you all  and I love my Job!
Sister Titensor

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