Monday, January 11, 2016

Well Merry Christmas!  12/21/15

Tabernacle Christmas Concert
This has been an amazing week here! Lots of
miracles and service! We went on more exchanges and did
service at the soup kitchen We also taught some great people who are
anxious to learn more!  We had a great service opportunity on
Thursday... we got to wrap and sort HUNDREDS of Christmas presents
for families who are less fortunate. It was a lot of work and took a long
time but it was a great experience!  A lady we are teaching, Nikki even came
and did service with us!

We were able to invite the German couple that we are teaching to the Live was really cold but they loved it! They are doing really
well. Their future is looking really good!

We had a really cool miracle this week with Nikki. allot of things
led up to this miracle. It was a very special and sacred experience but
let's just say that there is so much power in fasting!! She wants 
to be baptized soon! I feel very connected to her and I feel like she
is why I was sent to this area. She has changed so much and I'm so
happy for her! The gospel will change her life and her family's life forever!

Sunday night, all the missionaries serving in St. George came together
and put on a Christmas Concert at the Tabernacle. It was so
powerful.  It is such an historic building, there was such a special spirit
 was there. And lots of people that we are teaching came! It was
the perfect thing to get ready for Christmas!

 I have loved being here!!
And being on a mission during Christmas time. People's hearts are softened
and it is a wonderful time to remember out Savior. Although we should
remember Christ throughout the whole year, there is a special spirit
that comes during this time of year. I love it and I'm excited for Christmas
Day because we get to do service and visit a lot of people. It's the
most wonderful time of the year!

Love you all
Sister Titensor

Wrapping gifts for families..

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