Sunday, March 15, 2015

MISSION CONFERENCE IN BEAVER UTAH….                                      MARCH 9TH , 2015

We had our Mission Conference in Beaver on Wednesday. We talked all about our mission receiving iPads and the safeguards of it. They even have handbooks and an online course we have to take for it. We did not get our iPads yet...we get them hopefully this week on Friday!!  The tools on the iPads will be amazing and so helpful!!! And in a few months we will get to be on Facebook so that will be interesting!    Elder Evans and Elder Switzer of the seventy came and spoke to us. It was way good! Their talks were amazing. 

 On Thursday, we planned a missionary fireside to invite our investigators and less actives too! It turned out awesome!!!  There is this Choir called One Voice...and it’s a group of high school age kids that go around the country and sing! They sang a bunch of songs...Look up the song Gethsemane...its beautiful!!!  We also had a couple of recent converts speak and share their testimonies. It turned out really well!

This coming Saturday, we are taking a group of recent converts to the temple for the first time to do baptisms!!  We are going to the Manti Temple.  We are taking this 76 yr old man who just got baptized!!!  His name is Royal and he is seriously changed so much. He is amazing and he loves learning more about the gospel! We have been helping him find family names to take to the temple on He loves it!   Oh, and I even found a couple of names to take to the temple as well from my family tree! so I’m excited for that, It was so random how I found them! Ha

Well we found some new people this week! It’s interesting how the Lord works...He sends us to people at the exact moment that they need us!!! We tried to find this one teenage boy for two weeks!!! But we could never find him...until Friday we finally found him!! And the weird thing was that he was expecting us. Because… little did we know that his friend had talked to him that exact day about the church and told this boy that he would send the missionaries. But we didn’t know about that until after we met him. It was perfect! He is so excited to learn!

We also had an interesting lesson with a Muslim man...I’m pretty sure he was just trying to convert us to Muslim because we could barely get a word in! He wanted to read to us from the to the Quran and it was interesting. I learned a lot about the Muslim culture  so that was a plus!  

This week was full of ups and downs, Not one investigator came to church and thats super tough. But I have faith that this week will be amazing! This is Sister Pearsons last week and then she goes home!!! I’m so sad!!! I will know if I’m getting transferred on Friday. But no worries, I have learned that the Lord has a time and a place for everything!!!
Sharing this gospel makes me so happy!!!

Love YALL!!!!

Sister Titensor

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