Monday, March 16, 2015

 NEW iPads, Manti Temple Trip and a New Companion from Germany Tomorrow!

Well, we finally got our new iPads this week!  It comes with a lot of
restrictions but it also has so many tools that we as missionaries can use!
So many videos to share! It's awesome!

This week has been crazy busy and awesome!
We found some really great new investigators...well actually they kinda found us! Ha but
they are awesome! I wish I could tell you every detail  of how they found us, but that would
take way too long!  Just know that these people are prepared to hear
the gospel and I feel so much love for them.

We have one lady who is older and has been taking lessons FOREVER but
she would never get baptized... But on Saturday we were visiting her
and she finally decided to get baptized...THIS SATURDAY. So we have a
lot to do before her baptism this week but I'm so excited! It's a

And earlier last week, a few couples from the stake I am serving over went on a
trip to New Zealand . One of them was one of our ward mission leaders
and his wife. Well they got in a bad car wreck and 3 of the members
from Richfield Stake died. Our ward mission leader is the only one that
survived and he was the driver. It was so tragic and sad.  But it's amazing to
see the type of community that Richfield has. Every person we
meet...member or concerned and praying for the families. It's
so sad but it's bringing this community together. It's amazing to see
the love they have for each other even people who don’t know them.

On Saturday we got to take some recent converts to the temple for the
first time to do baptisms. We drove to Manti and it was awesome!! So
happy that they had a great experience . Royal who is 76 couldn't do the
actual baptisms so a younger boy did it for him. This boy was baptized
for 31 of Royal’s family names!!  Haha but he did great. Royals face when he heard his
family names was priceless. It was the best! And he just stood looking
at the temple forever because of its beauty. It was a great day!

Well transfers are this week and I'm staying in Richfield!   Sister
Pearson is going home today :(   I'm really going to miss her.  I'm going
to Cedar city for the night and I will meet my new companion tomorrow!
Her name is Sister Lipke and she's from Germany!!  Haha I'm excited to
meet her and I'll get to show her what Richfield is all about!! 

We have some amazing investigators and they are excited to know more.
I love sharing this gospel especially seeing people's faces when all of
their questions are answered through this gospel. It's the best!   
It doesn't happen all the time but when people are truly changed through
Christ it's the most amazing thing in the world!   I LOVE MY JOB!
Love y'all!

Sister Titensor

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