Monday, April 13, 2015

SO  MUCH  DRIVING !!!     Price to Manti!                       APRIL 13, 2015

Well this was a crazy week for sure! We started off by driving several hours to Price.  We were there for two days on exchanges. It was fun to see a new area and be with different companions for a bit. Except for the day when we had to walk all day and it was SNOWING and really really WINDY. That part wasn’t so fun... J  But, I was able to work with Sister Eyers one day and Sister Kennedy the other. It was so fun!  

Then we drove the long drive back to Richfield. The next morning we woke up early and drove to Manti for zone conference. It was awesome. Really good stuff!! So uplifting!  I love Zone Conferences!  We didn’t get back to Richfield until late in the afternoon.

We have been out of our area for most of the week so we had a crazy busy night. The next few days consisted of the business of trying to make up for lost time. But MIRACLES HAPPENED!!!  The Lord knew how busy and stressed and tired we were. So I know that, when we are obedient and do what we were supposed to, miracles happened! We have so many investigators its crazy!  I can’t even keep track of them all ha-ha.

The single best part of the week was when 10 of our investigators came to church!!! ah! it was amazing!! We were sitting there in one ward with 5 of our investigators and they had tattoos and it reeked of smoke and it was the best feeling in the world because THEY WERE THERE! At church! Feeling the spirit!!!! I couldn't stop smiling!!

One of our investigators named Derek is amazing. He is actually from Ft. Worth!!  He has had a hard life and a crazy past.  He has one of the strongest testimonies. His heart was so prepared to hear the gospel. During church we were singing "How Great Thou Art" and he just started balling. This 30 yr old man covered with tattoos was balling. He has even stopped smoking! He has also talked to some of our other investigators and he is inspiring them too. His baptism is coming up and he just can’t contain his excitement.

Its people like Derek that remind me why I’m here! This gospel is amazing! I have grown to love the people of Richfield. The members are amazing and the nonmembers are so prepared. It is hard work but so worth it. Miracles happen all the time. I wish I had time write them all!  It’s amazing to see how this gospel changes lives...even mine!  
Looking forward to good things to come! I LOVE MY JOB!

Love yall!
Sister Titensor

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