Wednesday, April 22, 2015

DERRICK’S BAPTISM                                                                                                              4/22/2015

 Today we were able to go to the temple which was amazing of course. The Manti temple is way unique and beautiful!! It was a great day!

 This past week we had the opportunity to do something really amazing for service. We went to Cove Fort which is about a half hour away. Cove Fort is a Church Historic Site run by senior missionaries.  We got to  actually go into the exhibits and clean. I was a really cool experience because there is so much history there. And now I know what the phrase "sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite" comes from!

Then we had a crazy busy week. We are back in a trio with sister Evans.  It's super hard because Sister Evans has her own area as technically there are only 3 of us over two stakes. Super stressful not going to lie but we are having a blast! I cannot say enough how much work there is to do here!  But it's been really good. Transfer calls are on Saturday so I may be transferred next week...not sure yet!  I really want to stay because I love the people here!

Yesterday was Derrick’s baptism!! Ahhhh it was the best!! We only met him about 5 weeks ago.  He was  living at the motel. It was the coolest baptism I have ever been to. Sister Lipke sang a song in German, and I was asked  to speak.  Even though the actual baptism is super short, I was crying when I saw him enter in the water. He is getting the best fresh start ever!!  Ah I couldn't stop smiling! I am so happy for him.  This gospel is so true.    
 After he was baptized, he asked if he could share his own testimony which rarely happens at someone's own baptism. But he did and it was amazing. People like Derrick are the reason why I am here. Things like this are what bring me joy!  I know there are more people like him out there searching for happiness… we just have to find them! 

Sorry so short I don’t have much time, just trying to get off a quick note.
Thanks for all the support. Love yall

Sister Titensor

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