Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Flash Flood, Kanab Cowboys Homecoming, Apple Festival,
This week was all over the place...! A definite low was the Flash Floods in Colorado City and Zion.  It really affected the community here. All the deaths and destruction was truly tragic.
We had sooo many service opportunities this week!!  We helped make a ton of  blankets for a Humanitarian project which is always fun. Then, this week was homecoming for the Kanab Cowboys! So we got to see the cute little homecoming parade and on Friday night, and we were asked to help in the concession stand during the football game. I swear the whole town came out for the game! Ha! But, it was way fun and they sure kept us busy! Then, on Saturday we were asked to help out at the Apple Festival in Glendale. It was really good to do service and so meet so many new people!
So funny/awkward story. We were walking one evening and we went and knocked on this a door , and this older woman opened the door. She wasn't overly nice and she said she wasn’t interested and then just shut the door. I remember walking away wishing I would have at least said something, anything about the gospel. But she really didn't give us a chance to talk. So then fast forward to a few days later...We live in the side apartment of one of our ward mission leaders home. So we went home for the night and we had to ask him a question. So we went to his side of the house and you will never guess who was over at his house at that very moment...it was the lady who we had knocked on her door only a few days before! haha! She was over helping our ward mission leader and his wife with something. It was a little awkward at first.... But we were all visiting and I sat down next to her and was able to have a good long conversation with her. It wasn’t about the gospel at all, but I just got to know her, and she was great, and hopefully she could see that we were nice normal people! It’s amazing how the Lord works!  Maybe next time she will let us in.
We have started teaching a man who is no longer a member of our church.  He is a great guy, and sadly he has throat cancer. But we invited him to church and he came!!! It was the first time he had been to church in forever!!  It was great to see how happy everyone in the ward was to see him!  Also one of our younger investigators that we have been teaching finally came to church!!!! We have been trying to get him to church for 6 months and he finally came! We almost died when we saw him in sacrament meeting! It was a great sight!!  We were so happy!!
Sunday evening we went with some members and our investigator, who is a 12 year old boy, to St. George to see a performance by the Navoo pageant people. It was a great
little performance...not sure how much our investigator (12 year old boy) liked it, but I think he had fun.   ha!  but it was a good experience!!
Well we have really been working hard finding those who are looking for the gospel. I feel like we are constantly doing things to meet and find those who are prepared! Well a miracle finally happened! We got a phone call and there is a woman who has been reading the Book of Mormon, she wants to come to church and be baptized!  We haven't met her yet...but that call was a miracle!  An answer to our prayers.  Don’t know how it will go...but it gives us hope because I know there are people here who need and want the gospel in their lives!  
The gospel is true and I love my job!

Sister Titensor

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