Wednesday, September 9, 2015



Hi All,

This week had its ups! and downs for sure :)   And, we did get a new investigator this week...she recently moved here from Connecticut and she had contact with the church  there. She is so excited to learn, we are excited to teach her, there are good things to come! We are also working with this older man...he is awesome and he will do everything we invite him to. He loves reading the Book of Mormon and everything !! BUT he will NOT pray!!! AHH Its crazy....I know Heavenly Father loves him and He just wants to hear from this man...but he will not pray. Prayer is so - powerful but we must actually do it and have faith!!!

Saturday night we had the opportunity to do a really cool service opportunity! One of the small towns that we cover, Orderville, has a Demolition Derby every year!  Ha! And they needed help in the concessions stand, so we got to go help out with that!! It was crazy how packed the Place was...people came from all over to see the Demolition Derby!  I guess it’s a big deal around here.  It was really fun and we got to meet new people and see a lot of people that we are already working with so that was a plus!

Sunday, we were sitting in one of the ward's fast and testimony meetings. All the sudden this woman (a visitor) got up to bear her testimony. She was just visiting Kanab from Poland and she had wanted to go to a church. So she found this one and went to it. She didn’t speak too much English but she shared her love for Jesus Christ!  After the meeting we ran to talk to her...we caught her just as she was on her way out!  Her name was Ewa. We told her that she could find this same church in Poland. We took her across the street to the Family History Center and got her a Polish Book of Mormon! We even looked up the closest LDS church building to her home. She left with the address to the building and a Book of Mormon in her own language. She was really excited!  It really reminded me that by "small and simple things great things are brought to pass". it’s the small moments the when we share that gospel that count. A lot of times we get to share the gospel but we don’t see that much happens from it. But it’s planting seeds for when the time is right for that person. The Lord has His own timing but, when we  do even the small and simple things it further prepares His children to hear the beautiful message of hope that the gospel brings!! 

Thanks for all the love and support!

Sister Titensor

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