Monday, August 31, 2015



Hi all,

I don’t even know where to start! This was a crazy week here in KANAB!
First of all..we got our transfer calls and me and Sister Pugmire are
both staying in Kanab together J I did not expect that because this

will be my 4th transfer in Kanab and my 3rd transfer with Sister
Pugmire!  Which is really rare in this mission!  But I know I’m here for a reason!

This week we received a phone call to visit someone...Ayana. She was
driving though Kanab and got in a car accident here. One of the members
stopped and helped her. Then the bishop came and helped as well. She
was stuck in Kanab for a few days...So these members got her what she
needed and even put her up in a hotel. And they gave her a Book of
Mormon. Because of the their kindness, she began to be
interested in the church. So, that’s when we were called!  We went  to
the hotel and  taught her about the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
We were able to teach her that day, we spent
about 2 hours talking about the gospel. She has been through so much
in her life and now she is so ready to learn more. It was no coincidence that she
ended up here in Kanab. The Lord definitely has a plan for her! She
went back home to Wyoming and is meeting with the missionaries there.
It’s amazing to see the Lords hand in this work!

Saturday was a crazy day!  The morning was spent doing service at
Western Legends (which is this big festival on main street celebrating
all the western movies that were made in Kanab) they had a bunch of
booths and singers and a cattle drive. We helped fill tons of balloons at one booth.
Then they had a parade which started by herding a bunch of longhorns
down the street! Ha it was crazy because one could have easily run
into the crowd...There were a ton of people and we were able to talk to a
lot of them!  That day I felt like I was back home in Texas!

Then after was Sarah's baptism! She is 11 and she moved here
a few months ago. Her parents are not members of the church,
 so moving to Orderville, and being around a lot of members
really exposed her to the church. She lives here with her mom and her
stepdad now.  Her baptism was really great... her mother was feeling
the spirit and now she is thinking about joining the church!  They are a
really special family and Sarah is a great example to them!  I know
there are good things to come and I’m glad I’m staying so I can watch
them grow in the gospel!

The Lord is so aware of everyone and it’s amazing to see that. And to
feel just a portion of the love that God has for his children is
something I will always treasure.  Serving a Mission is not always easy...but there are
always the small and simple things that make it worth it!  I LOVE MY JOB!

Sister Titensor




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