Monday, August 10, 2015

ELDER BEDNAR CAME!!!        8/10/15

This was a really good and busy week here in Kanab! We started off by going to Bryce Canyon last P-day and it was beautiful!!!  Then we got an opportunity to tract in the other Sisters area in the small town of Fredonia, Arizona. That had some interesting people for sure...but we met people who were prepared to hear the gospel and we had some really great experiences there and we were able to help them find more people to teach!

Then Wednesday we drove to St. George, because our car part finally came in so we had to get that figured out. We ended up waiting in the lobby for 3 and half hours!!!!
And then they told us that it was going to take even longer so they ended up giving us a loner car. Then we had to get home because we had appointments to get to… so that was a hectic day for sure!  But we made it back for our appointments that night J

Thursday we had our lesson with Mike who finalized his baptism date for August 22!! He is so prepared! He lives on his own and he doesn't have much family. He has a good relationship with his mom, but she is REALLY against the church. It is hard on his relationship with his mother by being baptized. He had a really hard time with that at first, but now he has so much faith that if he follows Christ, things will work out for him. And he loves his ward family so he will never feel alone! He is super strong and a great example of faith. 

Friday night, we spent the night in St George because ELDER BEDNAR came Saturday morning! Before this meeting , we were asked to read 3 of Elder Bednar’s talks.  Saturday We arrived there early and took a group picture with him. Then we sang an opening song and then Elder Bednar led the discussion from 8:30 to 12:00!  It was the most spiritually uplifting meeting I have ever been to. It was just us missionaries with Elder Bednar.  He started out by asking questions about using the ipads as missionaries, he then asked us what we learned from reading those 3 talks. For some reason I was the first to raise my hand and answer.  He had asked me to stand up with a microphone (now keep in mind that I am telling Elder Bednar what I learned from reading one of HIS talks ha!) I told him that I learned that no matter how much teaching and explaining we as missionaries do, our investigators will never receive a witness of the truthfulness of the gospel unless the keep their commitments. They need to ACT for themselves to know the truth. Elder Bednar then looks at me and said "can I ask you a few questions?" I say yes and then I can’t remember exactly what he asked me..but he asked me a couple of questions and we got on the subject of faith. As I sat down, he continued to talk about faith and he was directly talking to me and then I felt like he was looking at me for the next 5 minutes.  It was one of those moments where I knew that this is exactly what I needed to hear. The spirit was so strong. Throughout the rest of the meeting I learned so much. Faith is ACTION. We should "never put off what we KNOW we should do"
 I know that Elder Bednar is that special witness of Christ and that he had been called by the Lord to be one of his servants. This gospel is so true! It’s not only changing the lives of people we teach but it’s also changing mine!


Sister T

Pictures from Bryce Canyon

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