Monday, August 10, 2015





Well this week was all over the place!   We spent the entire day on
Tuesday in St. George because we were supposed to get our car fixed.
And… it was transfer day so we drove the other sisters with us and had
to wait the whole day for the other Sisters new companions to get there.
Thenn we finally drove home that night.  The next morning we had to
turn around and drive right back to St. George again because the car place messed
up on fixing our car... So tons of driving and waiting this week!!!  But as we were waiting
for our car we started talking to this super nice lady who was waiting as well, so
we got to share the gospel with her while we could!

So then Pioneer Day came!!! And we got to help out with the parade! 
In fact WE WERE IN THE PARADE!!! All the missionary moms have a float and
they dress up as their missionaries. It was super cute and they
invited us to be on the float with them. So we got to throw candy and it was super fun!
That evening we went to the park and helped cut a bunch of watermelon.
And then we had a really cool missionary experience at the park. There
was a group of 30ish guys and girls at the park. They were a group of
tourists from Europe and they were cooking at the park. It was
the perfect missionary opportunity. We felt that we needed to talk to
them! So we went and got all the book of Mormons we had in the car
(which was only 4) and decided to talk to them. It was super awkward
at first because they were all at different picnic tables. But they were super
nice!!  So we kind of explained what Pioneer Day was and we tried to give
out book of Mormons. Most people were not interested at all...they
really didn't even have a belief in God! But one lady took one. So after a
while we started to walk away. Well, we thought, at least we had tried!   But just then
this guy walked over and asks me if he and his friend could have one of our books!!
And of course we gave him two and then we explained what it was and I
said "this book will change your life!" Then five minutes later, he
came back to us and asked for 2 more books for his friends! Ha! it was
awesome! We even got a picture with him! And later in the park, we saw
them going through the restoration pamphlet we had given them!! It was
a seed well planted!!! Great end to pioneer day!

So then yesterday…an absolute miracle happened! So, this month our
entire mission has fasted and prayed that every area in the mission would have a
baptism in August. And honestly, I have been worried because we don't have
a baptism for August. I didn't want to be the only area that
didn't baptized in the month of August!!!! Well yesterday we went to
church in Alton and we had a lesson with one of our investigators,
Mike. He has investigated the church for a longggg time. Well, we sit
down and he tells us this amazing spiritual experience he had and how
he KNOWS he need to get baptized and SOON!!! WHAT?! I was literally
amazed. I couldn't stop smiling when he was explaining to us how the spirit
felt!!  It was one of the coolest experiences I have had so far.
I can't even explain the joy I felt for Mike. And now he is going to get
baptized in August!  Words can't even describe how true this gospel is!
Prayers are answered and the Lord is aware of his children. Times like
that are what make all the hard times worth it!! I LOVE MY JOB!

Sister Titensor

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