Saturday, July 25, 2015


Hi All,                                                                                 July 20,2015
Wow time flies!!!!!! 
hard to even believe I have been on a mission for 6 months already.
And I'm staying in Kanab!!  YEA!
with Sister Pugmire!  I'm so happy that I'm staying because
I feel like I have more work I need to do!!!! I just can't leave
yet!!  And this week is Pioneer Day and I'm super excited for that!!
(we have a service opportunity cutting watermelons at the Pioneer Day Picnic, and y'all know how good I am at cutting watermelons!!!  :)  I’m sure
we will talk to tons of people.

This week one of our investigators got baptized!!! He was
definitely one of the younger ones that we are teaching...but the cool
part is that his brother got to baptize him!!  It was awesome!
yes, we do get the opportunity to teach a lot of children here
in Utah... sometimes I think I was called here to learn how to teach children!
Haha, and I have learned a lot!

Well it has rained a bunch lately...crazy right!? I never thought I
would see this much rain here in the dessert!  Ha. But that hasn't
stopped the work from progressing!  We actually met this new
investigator who we are excited to teach. He is older and his name is
Jim. It was actually funny how we met him... We got a referral to
knock on the house with the "solar panels".  And so we knocked on the
first house we saw with solar panels and it was Jim and he invited us
to come back and we started teaching him!  But the funny thing is that
that house wasn't even the right "solar panel" house!  Ha but hey it
worked out nicely!  He even came to the baptism of Cole!! ...except he
was an hour late...but the fact that he showed up was a miracle!!  
Even if he did miss the baptism!  We were so happy he came. 
We are going to teach him the lesson on the Plan of
Salvation tonight which I'm excited about because his wife had passed
away and he has a lot of questions about the purpose of life. I feel like we will
be able to answer a lot of his questions he has about that and I know
that he will feel the spirit tonight!  It will be a great lesson.

We are also teaching this new family who just moved to Orderville!!!   The
father is less active but the daughter and mother know nothing about
the church!  We had dinner with them and a really spiritual lesson. 
The daughter is super interested and wants to be baptized,
which is awesome but our real hope is that we
can bring the whole family in to the gospel together!!  Cause I know that's what
Heavenly Father wants for them! Families are so important!!! I have
never appreciated the importance of the gospel in the family until my
mission. It is so CRUCIAL to have the gospel in our homes. It makes such
a difference… the joy and spirit and love it can bring into the home.

The gospel blesses families! I  LOVE MY JOB!

Sister Titensor

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