Monday, August 10, 2015

    IT’S AUGUST!!                          

Well another week here in Kanab just flew by!
We had an alright week... A lot of appointments canceled and a lot of people still on vacation.  It's a real struggle for missionary work!   Mike is doing Awesome!. In fact he was going to share his testimony on Sunday at fast and testimony meeting!  But so many people got up to share their testimonies that he never got a chance!

On Tuesday, our whole district came and tracked in our area. (Our district just has us and 2 other companionships) We all split up and they actually found some great people for us to teach!  And, while we were knocking on doors,  we met this one lady who had not come in much contact with the church.(which is rare in Utah) So we were talking to her, and then out of the blue she asked how we came to know this gospel was true for ourselves!  It was the perfect opportunity for us to bear our personal testimony and the spirit was so strong!  She even asked if there was anything we could leave with her! Score!! And of course I had A Book of Mormon in my hand :)

This next week will be exciting because Elder Bednar is coming to speak to our mission on Saturday!!! So the whole mission is traveling to St George for it!! Super excited!!
Well I am really learning the importance of the trials of our faith. I was reading in Alma, when Alma and Amulek were not delivered from prison until after the trial of their faith...not until after beaten and spit upon and they STILL did not deny their faith!  It was after all their afflictions that the Lord " granted unto them power according to their faith which was in Christ and they straightway came forth out of the prison" I have learned that trails of our faith our unavoidable! They will come and they can either break us down or make us stronger. Especially with people who are moving towards baptism, because many trials come to them …but when they rely on Christ and continue to build their faith...that's when they make it!! Having faith in and trusting in Jesus Christ is key. The gospel is true and I love my job!

Sister T

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