Wednesday, March 16, 2016

MINI MIRACLES…a family from Thailand!... a guy from Samoa.
a family in the park...“I know that He loveth his children”                 

It was another good week here in Beaver!                                        3/7/16  
Our investigators  awesome and are doing really well.
We have another baptism date set for April!

The other night we met a new, really neat family. We knocked on their door
and they straightaway let us in.  It was this cute little family from
Thailand!! The parent didn't speak much English but the daughter is a
sophomore in high school so she did!  We talked to them for a while and
it turns out they met with missionaries a while back!  And they love
going to church...we talked about how much the gospel blesses
families. The daughter (her name is Lou) started to get emotional. We
asked her if she knew if the church was true and with tears in her
eyes she said yes...she knew it was true!  She said she knew it by the
way she felt/feels especially when she reads the Book of Mormon and prays.
The spirit was strong. They are a sweet family and they are excited
for us to come back!

Wednesday night we got to take our recent convert to do family
history!  She is our age and she LOVES family history. Its funny how
much she gets into it. But she has a lot of names so we get to go with
her to the Manti temple in a few weeks to do baptisms!!  My testimony
and love of family history has grown so much. It's the best!

Thursday was a great day..we made a goal to talk to everyone we see as
we are walking.  That's a hard thing in Utah because most of the
people are members of the church ..but we still did it. And so we
first see this guy on the sidewalk with a green Mohawk talking to
another guy in a car through the rolled down window. I was not going
to say anything to them cause it was just plain awkward!  But my
companion decided to compliment his green mohawk.  And boom! A
conversation started, mostly because they saw that we were missionaries.
The Mohawk guy wasn't a member and the guy in the car was a less
Active member. We ended up having a really good conversation with the less
active guy. His name is Jake and he is from Samoa! He really opened up
to us and said that Heavenly Father placed us in his path because he
really wants to turn his life around and come back to church! How cool
is that?!

Then later that same day we saw this young couple with a baby at the park
and so we went up and talked to them. The man had just moved here from
California and the girl was visiting him for the weekend. It was weird
because they didn't know anything at all about Mormons and they had no clue
what missionaries were..which is rare to find here in Utah!  But that
led to them asking questions and Esmerelda straight up asked what we
believed. So we were able to teach them about the restoration there on a park
bench. They asked a lot of really good questions and Esmerelda really opened
up to us about how she is searching for the truth. As we invited them
to read the Book of Mormon and pray, she had tears in her eyes. She is
unfortunately back in California now but I know that Heavenly Father
led us to them. He knew that they were searching so he placed them in
our path. Our father in heaven is so aware of each of us. I see it
every day!

"I know that he loveth his children; nevertheless, I do not know the
meaning of all things." (1 Nephi 11:17). I know we have a loving Father in
Heaven and that is the simple truth we must cling to.

Love y'all

Sister Titensor

Kristy left absolutely no explanation about this picture...

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