Monday, March 28, 2016


 Well it's been a good week!

We had some great lessons and are teaching
some prepared people! We got a new investigator this week. His name is
Jim and the Spanish elders found him while knocking on doors! He is
all alone with no family and he really wants to get his life back in
order. He struggles with a lot of different addictions but it's neat
to testify of the strength and power that comes through Jesus Christ!
He is doing good though!

We have also been teaching this 7 year old boy names Luis.
He wanted to go to church because his friends all go.
Both his parents not members of our church, so he will be the
first member in his family!  It’s cool to see his faith grow as he goes
to church every week. He turns 8 this week and was supposed to get
baptized on Saturday. But we had to push the date back a little
because they will be out of town. But he is a fun/ funny kid and I'm
excited to see how he grows in this gospel!

We have also been working with one of our recent converts a lot. Her
name is Jasmine and she was baptized right before I came to Beaver. Her
whole family was baptized a little before her.  Jasmine is our age
and she has been through a lot in her life. It's great to see how much
joy the gospel has brought her!  We see her almost every day for a
lesson or lunch or sometimes she will even go visit our investigators
with us!  We have a lot of fun with her.

And a few weeks ago...Kelly from my last area was baptized!!!!  And I
finally got the picture from it!  He is a big guy  and  he has such a big
heart!  Apparently the water heater at the church broke so he was
baptized in freezing cold water!  Dang, I wish I could have been there!
But I was told the spirit was strong and that Kelly bore a powerful
testimony!  Kelly is living proof that people can change through
the atonement of Christ.

Yesterday we had the privilege to watch a broadcast of the Provo City
Center temple dedication! I t was the first dedication I have ever seen
and it was really awesome. The talks were powerful and the spirit
was strong!!  The Provo City Center temple is the 150th temple
dedicated!  How neat is that? It's amazing to see the growth of this
wonderful gospel. It's spreading joy to people all around the world.
More and more people get to hear the message of Jesus Christ!!  

I'm excited for Easter and the opportunity we have to remember Him. The
new Easter video that the church has put out is super good! You can
find it on . We get to show that video
to a lot of people and testify of our savior Jesus Christ! What can be
better than that?

I have the best job in the world!
Love y'all and Happy Easter!
Sister Titensor

Kelly's baptism
Us and Jasmine :)

I'm still a TEXAS girl!!

with Jasmine and my Companion.

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