Monday, April 18, 2016

A WEEK OF MIRACLES!!!!!!!!!!!!    APRIL 11,2016                             


It was a busy week here in Beaver Utah! It was the first week of a new transfer. My companion is Sister Holmes from Illinois. We have been out about the same amount of time and we both go home at the same time. We are both in our last two weird!   We had a lot of catching up to do this week. But the Lord blessed us. We are finding more and more people who are prepared. The gospel is changing lives here in Beaver Utah!

Tuesday we met a man named Dean. We were visiting some people at this old motel that they turned into an apartment complex. We are there a lot because we teach almost everyone that lives there haha. But there were some guys we knew  who were outside, and they were with someone we had never met before! His name was Dean and he had just moved here two weeks ago from Kentucky!   We were able to share our testimony of the gospel and he wants us to come back and teach him. He has a lot  of really good questions, especially about Heavenly Fathers plan for us!  And plus he already doesn't drink or smoke which is  rare to find

We are still teaching Luis who is getting baptized soon. He is 8 and his mom is not a member. He goes to church with a lot of his friends, and he loves it.  We had a really good lesson with them and the mom really opened up!!!  She really wants to go to church and she knows she will eventually get baptized. She just works a lot and has some things holding her back. But a cool thing that happened with she has been having back problems so she had to get an MRI. And with the results... the doctor told her she can no longer smoke or drink coffee!! Thats a small miracle I think! haha

Thursday night we had another neat miracle...we were out in this tiny town outside of Beaver called Greenville. There aren’t too many people that live there...and most of them are active members of our church. But we were asked to go visit someone. So we were trying to find their house. (The homes out there are very hard to find and very spread out) So, We thought we found the right home and we turned down this road and it ended up being someone’s driveway and next thing we knew, we were right in front of their house. There was a group of people just staring at us wondering what we were doing.  So, my companion rolled down the window and asked how to get to the persons house we were looking for. Long story short… We ended up talking to them for a long time. They had just moved here from Alabama a week ago. They know nothing about the LDS church but they have met some great people. They asked when church was and they also asked if we had some pamphlets they could read! The wife even asked how hard it was to join the church. They had great questions and asked if we could come back and meet with them! We are seeing them tomorrow and I am super excited!! They are awesome, and I know it was no accident that we pulled into their drive way!

We work with a lot of less actives as well. And every one of them doesn't read the Book of Mormon or any scriptures. But, we get to testify to them the importance of the scriptures and how much it will bless their life. I have seen how much peace the Book of Mormon brings. It’s the best..It has changed my life and the lives of others!!! I love my job!!

Love yall
Sister Titensor

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