Monday, June 20, 2016


 Hi all,                                                                                                              6/20/2016

We had such a great week planned!!!  Until everyone went out of town and cancelled on us! Ha-ha but it was okay because there were a lot of other people we were able to meet and to visit! 
We had an amazing miracle where we found a new investigator!
His wife is a member and he is super open to learning about the gospel! Both he and his wife are super excited about having us come back to teach them!  I’m pumped for the sisters who get to keep teaching him and for him to get baptized!
And this week I finally got the missionaries to Jasmine in Pakistan!!  (she is the lady I met and have been teaching online, I have been trying to figure out how to get missionaries to her) I had to wait till 9:00 at night to call because of the time change!   I called the mission office in India several times and no answer!  So I finally had to call the Mission president's cell phone! Ha-ha, but he got the information personally and made sure the missionaries got to her. And I even got call and talk to Jasmine for a few minutes!  She has a really thick accent so it was hard to understand but she has amazing questions, and she is so prepared to hear the gospel! So I am excited to see where that goes!

We got to give tours in the Jacob Hamblin home (*see below) this week! It’s another historical sight here in St George. And the cool thing is that while we were there, a polygamist family for Colorado City came to get a tour!!   It was so interesting because they actually knew a lot about Jacob Hamblin!  They were really nice people..I just thought that was interesting, made my day!

Well this is it...I will be home on Wednesday!  I guess! It still doesn't feel like my mission is ending. But, I had my exit interview with my mission president yesterday, and I just had a strong feeling of peace that I have done what I needed to do here.  I have truly loved serving a mission and especially the people I have met.  I will miss it so much but, I know the Lord has important things in store for me.  

My mission president asked what I have learned on my mission. Well... A LOT!  
But the biggest lesson I learned was that our Heavenly Father knows and loves us each individually.  I have felt a glimpse of the love He has for His children as I have been privileged to teach them.  He loves us so much that He sent His son to be our Savior. 
This gospel is so true!!!!!

I have truly LOVED my job!

Love you all!
Sister Titensor

*The Jacob Hamblin House is a historic residence and museum located in Santa Clara, Utah, near St. George, Utah. Jacob Hamblin was a Mormon pioneer and missionary who founded Santa Clara in 1854. After a flood destroyed the town, a group of missionaries constructed a new home for him on a hillside.

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