Monday, June 13, 2016


                                                                   JUNE 6TH 2016
Time is going by way too fast!  Everyone keeps asking me how I feel about going home s0 soon...and honestly it just doesn't feel real!  There is too much work to do!  

Since my time left is getting shorter and shorter, I had been feeling a bit down on myself, I was feeling like maybe I haven't accomplished enough on my mission... even though I know that isn’t true. I have been praying to feel at peace and to know if I have done what Heavenly Father wanted me to do. And then one morning this week, our recent convert Nikki walks into the Visitors Center!! I hadn't seen her in about 4 months, and, she is doing well and staying strong in the gospel!  But, then she tells me that her husband is getting baptized this week!!! That was the biggest and best news!! I just started to cry. He will baptized and a year from that day, they plan to be sealed in the temple for time and all eternity. That was such an answer to my prayers. I know that I have done what the Lord needed me to do and Nikki coming to the VC and telling me this news gave me the peace I needed. Oh and Nikki's parents that we taught a few times are getting baptized this month as well!!! MIRACLES!

We are teaching so many interesting people in our area. We had a lesson with the Russian lady again...and let’s just say her heart isn't quite open to the gospel yet. But we did get to hear a lot about what she that was interesting!  And we had a great lesson with the family that we are teaching. Except only two of them were there..But it turned out really well because we taught the word of wisdom. It was actually a super powerful lesson - especially because the mom couldn't understand why we couldn't drink coffee or tea. So, we really focused on faith and bore testimonies of the blessing of living the word of wisdom. The spirit was so strong and she felt it too!  

We also had an amazing lesson with G...He has been investigating the church for a LONG time. We call those people "eternigators". His wife is a member and we had a great lesson with them!! The spirit was so strong and he committed to baptism! On June 25th. It was literally a miracle that he accepted that date. And he said the most powerful prayer at the end of our lesson...he is so ready!!

We also had a neat experience online with a chat in the teaching center. This girl came on chat...she lives and Germany but she is American. She had been praying to know what God wanted her to do. So the other day she was on the bus and two missionaries started talking to her. She was amazed that these boys would give up two years of their life for their religion. So she came onto the chat because something they said just stuck with her.  She is so prepared to hear the gospel. We are teaching her online and she is awesome!!  It’s neat to see that small thing that those missionaries did in Germany was an answer to this girl's prayer. I know that God will send people in our path to answer our prayers. I have seen that time and time again on my mission. Heavenly Father know us each individually. The gospel is so true and I love my job!!

Sister Titensor

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