Monday, June 13, 2016

Teaching people from Pakistan to the UK in the St George Utah Visitors Center
St. Geroge Temple

Graydon's Baptism

Well this week was full, fun and busy!  We had a zone conference and it was sad because it was our Mission President, President and Sister Center's last zone conference. They end their missions a week after me. It was nice to hear their heartfelt testimonies. They are the best!

 Right after the zone conference we had to go to the Visitors Center for the rest of the day so we had no time to work  in our  assigned area. But, that night, we were teaching people online at the VC.... And it’s a long story..But basically I have a great referral for a lady in Pakistan. She is super interested in learning about our church, she reads the Book of Mormon already and she wants to be baptized. But it’s hard to get missionaries to her in Pakistan. So that night I spent hours trying to figure this out. Ha!  But I am getting closer!  It is not as easy as you would think!  But it’s just awesome to think that people all around the world are learning the gospel through technology!  It’s the best!

 Friday we were on shift at the Brigham Young historical home. It was crazy busy!!!! So many people came through that we had to shorten our tours so that we could get more people through. But ,we gave away four Book of Mormons during our shift, so that was all worth all of our hard work!

Saturday was a crazy but amazing day!  At the Visitors center I gave a tour to a couple from the UK!  So I gave them and tour and talked about the temple. Then I felt that I should teach about the restoration. We have a beautiful painting here in the visitor’s center of Joseph Smith's first vision. So I showed them that picture and taught the restoration. The spirit was so strong. They were honestly overwhelmed with all the information I had given them. Ha but they took a lot of printed information with them and they are excited to learn more about it!  

 Saturday afternoon, I was privileged to go to my old area to a baptism!!!! Nikki (our recent convert) her husband Graydon was baptized!!!  I was so grateful to be there, And the whole time Nikki kept talking about how a year from now they can be sealed as a family for time and all eternity! In the Temple It was so special!  It’s my favorite thing to see families come together!! 

 Sunday, we taught G. again..He said had an amazing answer to his prayers, and he is getting baptized in a couple of weeks. It amazing because now him and his wife can go to the temple and be sealed as well!!  The temple is the best!! My favorite thing about the visitor’s center is getting to see the St George temple every day. It is such a special place.  That is our goal as missionaries... to lead people to the temple!!!
I love my job so much!!!!
Love yall

Sister Titensor

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