Monday, May 30, 2016


 Last performance in Tabernacle before closing for renovation.
St Geroge Temple Visitors Center 

Well, this week flew by... I can't even remember half of the things that happened!!  But things have been going really good. Every day Sister Walter and I  I see so many little miracles in the Visitors Center. The other day a family of six came in to the VC from California. They saw this beautiful white building (the temple) from the freeway and they wanted to know more!  I gave them a tour and they had so many great questions!  They each ended up leaving with a Book of Mormon, a family proclamation, and some other materials. It was amazing!!,  and so fun to teach/talk with them. I know that they were led to the Visitors Center for a reason.  Stuff like that happens all the time! And Every day, we teach people online.  We accept calls from people who have questions about the church. I answered a call from a lady who found the number at a truck stop. She felt like she needed to call it so she did. I had the opportunity to teach her about the restoration. She wanted a copy of the Book of Mormon, the Bible and a DVD!  And she even accepted the invitation for missionaries to come to her home and teach her!  It was truly a miracle!

As part of serving in the Visitors Center, we go out once a week and give tours at the historic sites in St. George. So, this week we were at Brigham Young's Winter Home and gave tours. It’s really a great opportunity because a lot of nonmembers come through because they are traveling and they want to see the historic sites. So we get to give them a tour of Brigham's home and teach them the gospel as well. We had a couple come in with lots of questions. The spirit was so strong. And they even accepted a Book of Mormon and were excited to read it!

This week in our area, in Bloomington Hills, we are teaching a family of 7 that are all nonmembers. They are amazing!  Of course, some of them are progressing more than others.  It’s awesome to see the spirit touch their hearts. They are so close to accepting the invitation to be baptized!! It’s just really hard for some people to commit. But I know they will one day soon!

We have also started teaching this lady from Russia. She has lots of really interesting questions. It’s a really different experience to teach her but she is feeling the spirit for sure!

Sunday evening we had a unique opportunity as missionaries to sing in the tabernacle. They are closing the tabernacle for a few years for renovation, so this was the farewell concert. The spirit was so strong in that room. You could feel the pioneers sacrifice and all they did to build that beautiful building. Every modern day prophet (except Joseph Smith) has spoken from that pulpit in the tabernacle. I have fallen in love with the pioneer history here in St. George. It’s amazing to think of all of their sacrifices because they KNEW this gospel was true! I know it is true as well!!

"Come what may and love it."
Love yall!

Sister Titensor  5/30/2016
Brigham Young's Winter Home

                                                         Tabernacle Performance

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