Friday, May 13, 2016

I LOVE TO SEE THE TEMPLE…  May 12th 2016


It’s been a good week!  We met Joy this week... She is so prepared and
has so many great questions!  She works at the car repair shop, It's a cool
story with how we found her. The other day a lady walked into Joy's
repair shop with church clothes on.  Joy asked her why she was all
dressed up. This lady told Joy that she had just come from the temple.
Joy had a lot of questions about the temple and remembered her mom
talking about the temple before she passed away. She remembers her mom
saying she wanted her temple work done! So we talked to Joy a lot
about the temple and how she can get her mothers work done. And now we
are teaching Joy and she has lots of good questions about the gospel!

We taught the family from Alabama a few more lessons this week... They are one
special family!  We taught them the plan of salvation and it was great
because they already have great faith in Christ. Then somehow in the
lesson we got on the subject of temples. They saw the picture of the
St. George temple and fell in love with it. Then the husband Jody
found out that he cannot go into the temple without a recommend. That
made him upset for a while. But we  were able to turn it
around by reminding him how he feels when he reads the Book of Mormon.
He feels so much peace when he reads it so that really helped the
situation!  He is really sensitive to the spirit. They are amazing people and
I love them so much!!

Then we started teaching this part member couple... Charles and
Mandee. She is a member but he is not. We had an amazing lesson with
them on Thursday!!! Charles is so prepared!!  He wants to get baptized,
 they have a few things to do first...but they are
both so willing to work at it. And he said the most amazing prayer! He
even blessed my family back home... How neat is that?!  He and his
wife have such a strong desire to change!!

On Friday and Saturday we were asked to do a lot of service. Friday we helped
at the cemetery. We helped roll out grass on to the dirt patches.
Unfortunately it rained the day before so the turf was wet and really
heavy  and we got covered in mud!!  But, it was fun...we also got to help
some people move in to their home and we cleaned the church on Saturday.

Friday I was on exchanges in Enoch (which I right next to Cedar City)
and so we got to drive by and see the progress of the cedar city
temple!!  Everyone is so excited for it to be here and it's going to be
beautiful! The temple is the best place to be :)

Love y'all and I love my job!
Sister Titensor

Charles and Mandee
Cedar City temple!!
Service at the cemetery

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