Tuesday, February 17, 2015


 Well, people were right... We are treated so well here, I have not had to pay for a meal yet!  PEOPLE LOVE US!  One time, we were eating and someone paid for our meal and then they also gave us a $20 gift card to come back to that restaurant!  Ha-ha SCORE!  . Then I bought a new dress and they told us that the missionaries get 30% off in their store. . Utah is the best!!   Oh and for some reason there are a bunch of Dallas Cowboy fans here...one man we are teaching even has a huge Dallas Cowboys tattoo on his arm!   Sister Pearson, my companion being from England gets so confused when football is the topic of conversation. All she knows is to say "go cowboys" in her British accent. Ha it’s pretty great! 

 Wednesday I got sick. It was a rough morning honestly. But we had an appointment and things to do so I had to get going. It was a hard day because I was feeling terrible and then on top of that we were not having any luck! No one would answer their doors and appointments kept cancelling!!! It was rough. But we kept working.   Then, the last hour of our day we just stopped and prayed to find someone!   Not too long after our prayer, we met this  13 yr old and her mother neither of them were members of a church. It was perfect because we found out that the father was an inactive member of our church.   Immediately we knew we were sent there for a reason!    We were lucky to find someone who is not already a member of our church because almost everyone we meet here is already a member or a less active member!  Most of the people we are teaching right now are youth. Many of their parents are less active in the church, but their children show a lot of interest in the gospel.

 We knocked on one door and the mother was a Mormon, but not attending church, her daughter was 10 and had not baptized. We shared a scripture with them and I said something about God's love. Then the mom said that she had heard those exact words from her friend who was a member of our church just the day before. She thought that was so weird… But I KNOW that it was the spirit. It was not my words. It was the Lords.  It was a way cool experience and we have an appointment with them tomorrow!  I’m so excited to work with them. 

In another lesson, we are teaching a family. And the mom said she has prayed to know which church to go to and for God to show her the light. SOUND FAMILIAR?!?  It was way cool and the lesson went great! The Lord truly sends us to people who are prepared!!!!

On Valentine’s Day one of our investigators got married!  It was the best...the bishop performed the marriage.  It was way fun. Then, that same night, we had a baptism for Felisia. She was so nervous at first - but she had a huge grin on her face after she was baptized.. It was way cool to see that! 

 We have been taking a lot of our people who have recently joined the church to the Family History Center.   We are teaching them how to find their ancestors.  We are planning to take a group of recent converts to the temple soon.  I’m super excited for that!

Well this week I have decided to start reading the Book of Mormon again with a specific purpose in mind. My goal is to finish it by April 5th...which is General Conference and Easter!!! That only gives me like a month and a half but I know I can do it!!   I would invite anyone who would like to accept the challenge to do it with me!  Think of how amazing you will feel on Easter!  Start reading it with a purpose or a question you want answered.  I know it will be a great experience.

"Those that move forward with a happy spirit will find that things always work out"
-President Gordon B. Hinckley 

Love you all!! Thanks for all the support!

Sister Titensor

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