Thursday, February 5, 2015

BON VOYAGE… FEB 3rd, 2015
Well tomorrow morning at 2:00 AM we will wake up and head to the Salt Lake Airport!  It’s less than an hour flight to St. George. This time at the MTC has flown by I can't even believe that this Sunday I will serving as a missionary. Every time people find out that I am going to St George they get so jealous and say that it’s the best place!  I've only heard good things about it!  My companion and I , and our district have become super close so it will be weird to see them go. All they have to do is drive down the street to the Provo mission home ha-ha.  I have really been blessed with a strong district that has helped me grow so much!  It’s really funny because I'm not a singer at all but , Sister Wilson am I  sing in every lesson we teach to an investigator because it brings the spirit. I am not a good singer at all so it took a lot to get me to sing.:)

 Sister Wilson and I have had a blasé,  we have a problem with laughing too much and at the wrong times...and sometimes can't stop laughing.  Ha-ha its great though..I am going to definitely miss her as my companion!!!!  Oh and MTC devotionals are the best. The spirit is always so strong and you learn so much. So many good things!   We were able to watch the  Meet the Mormons Movie ( I had not seen it before)  so that was way cool!  A lot has happened this week and I can't even remember all of it! …But we had this one investigator that we were teaching and she is awesome this week was full of ups and downs with her. Sister Wilson and I just really let the spirit guide and it turned out really well!  I learned how to completely forget myself and care about someone else and their needs.
I really learned how to love her and that helped me, especially when we were teaching her because we just really concentrated on her needs and what she needed to hear.  During the last lesson she pulled out a bent nail and told this beautiful story. The said you can't hammer a bent nail on the head because it will just make it worse. But if you hammer the nail on the part where it is bent, you just may be able to make it straight again. She related this to Christ and how he does not hammer at our heads when we are bent, but he helps us by making the bent part straight again. She obviously said it way better than that but you get the general idea. She gave us a bent nail and said thank you because we did not hammer her on the head and try to get though to her by proving our point, but we helped her to feel loved . Then at the end of the lesson she said the most beautiful prayer. Teaching her taught us a lot!!  It was way hard at times, but the spirit is always there to guide!  It’s funny how much you learn to love someone you just met!

This past week has been full of a lot of learning and growing!  My testimony of the Book of Mormon has doubled. It truly brings peace and happiness. I know that I am supposed to be in St George for a reason!  I am full of mixed emotions, but I’m ready to work! Thank you all for the love and support and the letters and packages! 

Proverbs 29:18   where there is no vision, the people perish, but he that keepeth the law, happy is he!


Sister Titensor

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