Monday, February 9, 2015



Well I arrived safely in St. George on Wednesday. We flew in a tiny little plane to this tiny little airport! We had training and meetings with our mission president for most of the day. President and Sister Center are awesome! Then, I met my companion Sister Pearson! She is from New Castle, England. This is actually her last transfer so she will be leaving in about 5 weeks. So sad...she is an awesome trainer and I am loving learning about England! So after I met her we drove 3 hours north to Richfield Utah! We drove through Cedar City and Parowan to get here. It’s a relatively small town...(not as some town’s we drove through) There are two stakes in Richfield and Sister Pearson and I are in charge of the entire Richfield East Stake! (a Stake is 10 congregations or wards)  It’s so weird being in charge of a whole stake...we have 10 wards with 10  bishops plus all of the ward mission leaders! We are the only Sisters in our zone. Sister Pearson has been in this area for 4 months so she knows her way around really well! Oh, and we have a car!! We live in the basement of a member family and its way nice!! So lucky! I have not spent a dime of my own money yet...we get fed to death!!!!

The first night I was here we taught a lesson! I was so nervous but the spirit was the guide and it turned out really well!  We even invited him to be baptized on Feb 28.  We are busy teaching a lot!! We have several people interested in learning about our church, with several who have baptismal dates. We also continue to teach a lot of people who have recently joined the church or people who are less active. We have been super busy! In fact this Saturday we have a baptism and we also have a wedding for an investigator! Ha-ha it’s awesome. It’s amazing how prepared people are to hear the gospel. Richfield is the best place!!!  I love it here!!!

The weather has been in the 60s the entire time... best weather ever! The funny thing about Richfield is that everyone that lives here grew up here. I guess people just can’t seem to leave! We taught a family yesterday and it went very well. Oh, and they have 10 brand new puppies so we had puppies sleeping on our laps the entire time!  it was the BEST! 

Oh and I had to give a talk on Sunday!! SERIOUSLY?!?! My first Sunday?!?  Sister Person and I and one youth were the only speakers. We talked about the atonement and missionary work and it actually turned out really well! So, don’t ever complain about giving a talk in church, because I only had 30 min to prepare!  It’s been a great week and I am loving Richfield UTAH! So much to do!!! This church is so true and it can change people’s lives!! Thanks for the support and LOVE YALL!!!

Sister Titensor

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