Monday, February 23, 2015


 The weather this week was amazing!! Until got super cold and it’s been snowing ever since. So the nice weather is gone :(     for a while.   This week was interesting. We had so many appointments this week but almost every one of them either cancelled or they were not home. L  So, we have just been knocking on random doors. And it actually works sometimes! That is how we found Kylie who is the 9 yr old that we are teaching! She is so excited to learn. She remembers everything. It makes me so happy to teach her!!!  She has a super hard home life. We went to her house for our appointment and she was waiting for us on the doorstep with her book of Mormon!!! SO CUTE!
On another day...we went to this one apartment and there was no answer. So we just knocked on all these different apartments until someone answered…. And no one did!!   After knocking on 6 or 7 more doors, we started walking away … when the last door that we had knocked opened!   It was a middle aged lady and she let us in. Come to find out, she was a less active member of the church, and she had been going through a really hard time. She had been praying and praying for help. And right away she knew that us knocking on the door was an answer to her prays.  We had a really good lesson with her and I KNOW that the Lord sent us there in answer to her prayers. It was a way cool experience! The Lord really does work in mysterious ways!

Like I said, we had a lot of cancellations this week. So we just prayed and knocked on a lot of doors. Many of those who are not members are very bitter and are not interested at all.   Many of the people here have gone through so many hard things!!  We are even teaching a woman who is on probation.  Almost every investigator we are teaching smokes. So I pretty much smell like smoke all the time! 
We are working with a lot of inactive or less active members.

We taught at a Stake Visiting Teaching conference on Saturday. It was fun.   The members are so important in missionary work!  They can help so much!

Julie Rogers, an LDS (Mormon) painter came and talked to the Stake Relief Society. She has the coolest stories. Her paintings are amazing and she had a story about every painting.  My favorite one was of Amanda Smith!! 
Well on Sunday...guess what? I had to give ANOTHER talk in sacrament meeting. I just gave one two weeks ago!!!! And me and Sister Pearson were the only two speakers because the other speaker got sick. ..But it is getting easier..I guess.  Ha ha...And since we are over 10 wards...we have to travel around to the different wards on Sunday. So we went to 3 sacrament meetings yesterday.  
We have a lot of exciting things coming up this week! Hopefully find more people to teach.  We have a mission conference on March 4th and I think that is when we will get our I pads!!

 We are still getting fed a ton... ha-ha!!   The other day we were fed buffalo meat… so that was way good!

Great things are happening in Richfield UTAH!!!


Sister Titensor

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