Tuesday, February 3, 2015

January 27
WELL HOWDY!! Wow I can't believe it’s almost been a week since I entered the MTC!!! (Mission training center)
It’s been so amazing here!! Right when I walked in the door we got busy and got going. I had the bright orange sticker on my tag (the dork dot! To let everyone know you are a “new missionary”) I didn’t even have time to unpack..Today is the first time I've really had any time to unpack but there is no point because I leave in a week! ha. Anyway, my companion is the BEST! She is from Prosper, Texas and her name is Sister Wilson. We sure do have our Texas pride and we both have the same Texas rings. We are both super excited about serving in St. George! Although the funny thing is that before we got our call we both thought we were going French speaking so maybe we will have a French companion when we get to St George! My district is also the best...its 4 sisters and 4 Elders and me and Sister Wilson are the only ones going to St George. The rest of our district is serving right outside my door in Provo, Utah! ha-ha but they are super excited for it. And half of the district is from Texas …Texas pride!!

The spirit is so strong here at the MTC!  It feels like we spend about 10 hours a day in one classroom with our district so sometimes it gets long. But our teachers are doing a great job and we are constantly learning how to be the best missionaries we can be. The food here is not that great in my opinion...Ha-ha but the Elders love it!  I've surprisingly been really good at waking up here! I wake up around 6 every day so we can be on time to class. I’m tired but somehow I’m functioning really well!  The past few days some of my roommates had to wake up at 2; 00 am to go to the airport so that hasn’t been fun... then Sunday was a great day because we got to hear a lot of cool talks. Oh and I am the Sister Trainer Leader so Sunday consisted of tonsss of meetings as well. We also were able to walk around the Temple on Sunday and it was the most beautiful day outside!!!!   Monday has been my favorite day so far. It started out with a great class. And then in the afternoon we roll played with our teacher and taught him a lesson. It went great until me and sister Wilson started laughing...oops! But we got back on track and it turned around. Monday night was our first time to teach an investigator! I was super nervous and excited for it. She lady we taught was an evangelical Christian. She had gone through so many hard things in her life and me and Sister Wilson  wanted to help her understand what we believe about the atonement. We just simply bore our testimony and our personal love for Christ. It turned the whole lesson around and it was amazing! The spirit was there to guide us and direct us. Then me and Sister Wilson had the same prompting to sing the same song!! Crazy right?! We actually sang a song in our lesson and it turned out perfect! Im so grateful for that wonderful experience, I sure learned a lot from it. Last night the spirit was just so strong and I just can’t explain the happiness that I feel when im here. Im starting to really understand why im on a mission. Its been a great week so far and I’ve grown so much closer to my Heavenly Father. When I remember that I am a representative of Jesus Christ, it gives me chills. It’s so easy to forget about yourself here...like I honestly don’t think about any distractions here. It’s a great place to be and I’m so happy! Thanks for all the love and support and all of the letters!!!

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