Monday, February 1, 2016


It has been a great week! I went on exchanges with Sister Walter and that was fun! She is from Germany and she actually served some of her mission in Frankfurt because she was visa waiting. But the cool part of the exchange was that we taught our German couple while she was here!  We have been teaching them for a while and their English is getting a lot better. But it was nice for them to have Sister Walter there. Pretty much the entire lesson was in German...because the fellow shippers spoke German as well. So I was just sitting there...and every once in awhile they would stop talking and look at me and expect me to say something. Ha it was super awkward/funny because I had no idea where the conversation was at. But the neat thing about it was that the spirit was there and the Gebert’s know that it is true!!!

We are also teaching this man named Steve (gold rush guy) the other day he even showed us some of the gold nuggets he brought back from Alaska.  He is so prepared for the gospel. We had a powerful lesson with him about prayer and it was cool to testify to him the power of prayer. Our other investigator  is doing AMAZING! He will be baptized at the end of February!  He has really struggled with smoking and we had a powerful lesson on the Word of Wisdom with him the other day. He was really nervous to quit smoking but he really wants it. And he said he wanted to finish off what he had left first before he quit. But we talked about him showing his faith. And we talked to him a few days later and he had cut wayyyy back. He only had one cigarette in 3 days!!! I know the Lord is helping him and giving him strength to accomplish hard things. 

Friday was an interesting day. I was on exchanges with Sister Gearheart again. She came up to my area with me. And that random lady that had called us last week...well she kept calling us all week and wanted some help. So we went over Friday morning and helped her. She needed help cleaning. And let me just say that her place was in rough condition. She was moving the next day so she needed things cleaned and packed. There was moldy food and dishes everywhere, bread so moldy that it looked like a black clump, and pet stains galore! And i can't even put into words what  things were under her couch. So that was an interesting experience. "For I will shew him how great things he must suffer for my name's sake" (mat 9:16) But all that suffering was worth it to help someone. We forget ourselves and try to further the Lords matter how hard it may be! Ha-ha!

Well our recent convert Nikki is doing amazing! She has found tons of family names to take to the temple. She is obsessed with family history now! She also had the opportunity to share her testimony and tell her conversion story at a fireside! The spirit was so strong. She has an amazing testimony that makes me cry everytime!
The gospel is true and I love my job!

Love yall!

Sister Titensor

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