Monday, February 15, 2016

BEING TRANSFERRED!! To Beaver Utah    2/15/16
 I'm totally converted to the small town life!!!
 Hiking with Nikki and her kids (along with Sister Gearheart)

                         My Friends from Germany

Well we got our transfer call and I'm going to the tiny town of
BEAVER!!!  My new companion will be Sister Slinker from Kentucky!   

I’ts her last transfer and then she will be going home..Crazy!  This will
probably be my last area but I'm excited for what the future holds!
My companion and I are both being transferred and they are putting
Elders in this stake. It's sad because our investigators don't fully
understand why we are leaving. And it's sad because I have really come
to love the people here and the area has been doing really well! But I
guess the Lord needs Elders here now!   The saddest part is that we
are missing a couple of baptisms that are coming up!!  So sad!

But this week was really good!! We had the opportunity to teach and
find. This one man who we have been teaching for a while..we finally
put him on date for baptism! We randomly showed up at his home the
other night and they let us in. He said he felt that we would be
stopping by tonight. It was cool because we got to express Heavenly
Fathers Love for him and he committed to be baptized!! Ahh the spirit
was super strong.
All of our investigators are doing really well. Kelly is getting
baptized next week!! I so sad I won't be there for that. When we told
him we were leaving he started crying!! So sad...and Gold Rush guy
(Steve) is doing good as well. He knows the gospel is true and he will
be baptized in March! We found two families to's always
interesting teaching little kids but it forces us to teach simply. The
German couple is doing fact they are going up to the Provo
City center open house!! So I hope that they have a good experience
there. Them Last night we had an interesting lesson with another
investigator couple that we are teaching....Donna and Steve. We read 3
Nephi Ch. 11 with them about when Christ visits he Nephites. And the
wife got super offended because in that chapter Christ speaks boldly
about baptism. She feels she doesn't need to be dipped in water to
show her commitment to Christ. But we simply just testified of Christ
and his gospel. It brought tears to my eyes as I did so. Her heart was
softened a little and she started crying as well and saying how strong
the spirit was. It's amazing was testifying of the savior can do. They
haven't committed to baptism yet...but I know they will one day!

This week we also had a neat opportunity to hear from Craig
Christensen from the presidency of the Seventy.  On Thursday we had a
special MLC with him and the mission president. It was only a handful
of Elders and Sisters and it was a very powerful meeting discussing
what we can do to further the work in the mission. He is a really neat
guy and I learned a lot. And the next day we had zone conference where
he talked as well. During lunch I had a good talk with his wife and
wow! She is a very powerful women! She told me and a couple of sisters
how Thomas S Monson's health was doing. And she is going to tell
President Monson that some sisters in St George love him and are
praying for him! Cool huh?! It was really neat to talk to her. It's
been a very spiritually uplifting week. The gospel is so true and
people need to know that we have a loving Heavenly Father who sent his
son Jesus Christ to be our savior. What a wonderful message we have!!
Love y'all
sister Titensor

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